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Background:  The DR100 (short for Doctor 100 kilometers) was created after the tragic loss of cyclist, father, and husband, Dr. Joe Mirenda. In August of 2009, Joe was cycling from Wintergreen resort to visit his son who was a freshman at JMU, a distance of 100 kilometers.  He was hit by a car, simply because there was not enough room on the road, and never finished his route.  The inaugural event, hosted in 2010, attracted over 600 participants, 125 volunteers, and a broad base of community and University support to complete the route Joe never finished.

Results:  This event is a 100% volunteer run organization [501(c)3 in process filing by Wharton, Aldhizer and Weaver, PLC] and has minimal expenses from marketing and safety apparel giveaways.  In its inaugural year, inclusive of matching funds from the City of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County as well as numerous corporate sponsors, the DR100 raised $23,950 after paying for all expenses, for expanding bike/pedestrian lanes on public roads and other similar programs! 

Event specifics:  Participants can “choose their medicine” from a 50k or 100k cycling route; or a 5k run/walk or 10k run.  The cycling events are not timed, however, the running courses are chip timed and USATF certified. See the bicycling and running events pages for more details.

Vision:  To continue this wonderfully successful event to immensely enhance the safety and well being of all Shenandoah Valley residents! 

Motto:  Every DR100 participant receives the following:

  • Be Seen A reflective apparel item to be worn while cycling, running or walking.  Last year, it was a reflective arm band.  This year, it’s a blinking light.
  • Be KnownAn ID card with In Case of Emergency (ICE) information, such as blood type, emergency contact name and number, allergies, etc; to assist EMTs should the need arise.  Last year, it was a card inserted in the arm band.  This year, it’s a label in a reflective sports cinch pack.
  • Have Space100% of the net proceeds go to expand bike/pedestrian lanes on public roads.

This year all participants will receive lunch, snacks, drinks, rest stops. Participants will receive official event reflective backpack and blinking safety light if registered by July 31, 2011, late registrants subject to availability.

JMU students, faculty and staff will receive a discount of $5.00 off for any event.  Enter JMU as the discount code for on-line registration.

TEAM Discount 10 or more – must register using a team code and discount code: $5.00 off each participant (10 or more) email c.robert.cone@gmail.com for your teams discount code. Team discount cannot be combined with JMU discount.

Raffle Tickets $25.00 per ticket or 5 for $100 – prizes include a week vacation rental on Corolla Beach, IPad2, Gift Certificates, and maybe a bike or two, check web site for details.

Comments from last years participants

Thanks for a great day

It was one of the best run events I have ridden.    I would also like to thank Basil, David, and Marshall for all the support they gave my grandson.  He rode a mountain bike (with slick tires) which was not in good shape.  This was his first long bike ride and they encouraged him the entire time.  Because of that, he was able to finish the entire 63+ miles.   Thanks for a great day.

Great Ride! I can't wait to hear how much was raised in total and see some of the pictures from the ride.

What a great ride. Thanks to all who organized, sponsored, supported and participated.

Great ride and support team. I had LOADS of fun.

 Fantastic ride and well organized!! Thank you for a spectacular experience for a wonderful cause.

one of the best 'marked' routes they had ever been on

Very well organized event, but if I hear from one more person about that last hill, I'm gonna scream ;-). Heard several riders say was one of the best 'marked' routes they had ever been on. Good job, can't wait for next year!

I rode in the 100K yesterday and absolutely loved it. You guys did a wonderful job.

Great event.  Very well organized.  I've been to Fortune 500 corp events that weren't as well-run.  I also thought the course was great:  Beautiful scenery, nice mix of hills and flats, plenty of downhills to recover on... wouldn't change a thing. Will definitely participate next year.  Thanks!

What's the deal with all the hills?  
from a Virginia Beach Cyclists

Loved all the course marshal's at the end cheering us in, could have done without the hills

Very well run event!

I think I gained weight on this ride due to all the food at the rest stops.

This ride was so well organized for an inaugural event, everyone was so friendly and well supported.

The most beautiful ride I have ever ridden.
Cyclists from Wilmington NC

 What a great ride. Thanks to all who organized, sponsored, supported and participated.

Great Ride! I can't wait to hear how much was raised in total and see some of the pictures from the ride.

Awesome ride! Perfect weather. Reconnecting with friends and making new ones. Look forward to next year!

Not sure if I can handle many more rest stops, I won't have to eat for a week.

I knew Joe, he was first class in everything he did, as a man, as a doctor, and he would be really tickled by this event.

Thanks for your help today for all three of us.   We learned that 40 miles in DC is like 10 in the valley!    The entire event was well scripted and you were very kind to novices like us!  Thanks for picking us up when we got off track.
We are now in the process of looking for road bikes for next year!   I had been debating that option and now I am sold!
We talked all evening how everyone was so kind from start to finish.      It was a great event!

100k cycling family

Thanks again for a fantastic ride.
Steve and Robert,

We rode the DR50 and would like to commend you on a wonderfully run ride.  For your initial event, you did a fantastic job.  Everyone was friendly from check in to the rest stops, the course was beautifully marked and the on-course support was ever-present.  I was a little surprised by how strenuous the course was and did have to push my bike up several hills (and each time someone stopped to ask if I was ok - the Sag people were on the spot).  Perhaps a flatter, easier or shorter ride for those of us who live in the flatlands and who only want to try a few, rolling hills!  My son, who attends JMU and rides in Harrisonburg frequently, loved the course and did not find it above his level at all.  The joys of youth!

Thanks again for a fantastic ride.

I have to thank you and all the other people who were a part of this ride.  The route was great, and the support along the way with all of the volunteers and drinks and snacks was amazing.  Topping it all off was the finish with all of the people guiding the riders in and then the lunch and goody bag.   It’s hard to believe this was the first year for the ride.  It was by far the best run ride I have ever done.  Even the weather could not have been better.  I hope this becomes an annual event.  I will certainly look for it next year.
I never met Dr. Mirenda, but I can’t help but think he would have been very proud of what was done in his name.  I met one of his friends from Roanoke along the ride who spoke so highly of him.  I wish I had gotten his name.  He had ridden with Dr. Mirenda the day before the accident.  I can’t imagine how many people’s lives he has touched, even after his death.
Thanks again for a job very well done.
It was a very nice event, I hope it was a success and will return next year!


Take a day and be included in one of the cycling, running, or walking events dedicated to celebrating the life of Dr. Joseph Mirenda and help raise funds for bicycle and pedestrian safety.   

The second annual DR100 will provide both cyclists and runners with events held on September 17, 2011.  This event is a memorial event for Dr. Joseph Mirenda who was struck and killed on a bike just 5 miles south of JMU on August 2009.  These events will celebrate his life and love of fitness, cycling, and running!

What did we do with last years money?
Steve, Rob and Kristy present the City of Harrisonburg a check for Project #1:  $6,200 of DR100 funds plus $5,500 from the City Match for Cost-share for new bicycle facilities in Harrisonburg Project funding will be utilized to apply shared lane marking symbols for 8,400 feet on South Main Street and various other designated City streets.  
Another check was presented last night from the DR100 for Project #3: $1,200 of DR100 funds for the Cycle Share program (Bike Library) at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Project funding will be utilized to obtain 4 new bicycles fully complemented with necessary safety and security equipment (locks, helmets, safety lights, and baskets/racks).
The check presentation to the Rockingham City Council, $6,050 of DR100 funds plus $2,000 from Rockingham County for Cost-share for new bicycle facilities in Rockingham County Project funding will be utilized to stripe, mark, and erect the necessary signs designating bike lanes (east and west) adjacent to the new Stone Spring Road at the new Rockingham Memorial Hospital site.

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