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Healthy Easy To Cook Recipes

healthy easy to cook recipes
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Then, the recipe?
Then, the recipe?
Then, the recipe. (er, how to make this one shorter?) Well, its central concept is a simple one. Cook the grains in water by boiling. Mix, soak, cook and eat. But this is not very easy in the real world. If you try you will see. There'd be lot of culprits which one can only learn how to negotiate by 'actually failing'. Also there are lots of varying gimmicks one can play with. Say this is rather close? to the tradition of far east. [We'd be checking how similar recipe exists other part of the world. It's basically cooked grains. ] The portion balance would be also up to individuals. There are ready made, 'mixed' ones in the bag and you will find it in Chinese, Korean or even Japanese grocery stores. Ingredients can be: brown rice, adzuki beans, soy beans, mung beans, millets, oats, barley, peanuts: and then any kind of rice - red/black, sweet, wild etc. And any kind of beans and nuts etc. Spelt, Kamut, Quinoa, etc. We hope to figure what's the basic set but kind of believe it's 'ad hoc' and varying from place to place, family to family even in say 'one' region. [0: If you have a working nose, then pick from least 'smell contaminating' stores. For much of the grocery stores in US, either traditional or 'progressive' - grains you buy usually only smells like floor cleaner or shelf cleaners, often even packaged ones.] 1: Mix what you want to mix. 2: Rinse throughly, use your eyes and senses and decide how much rinsing is necessary, or excessive. 3: Soak it overnight, say at least 6 hours. This also changes according to what you mix. We are not sure whether using pressure cooker would allow you to skip this process or not. 4: When the soaking is finished, check how the water looks and decide how much you want to discard and replace with new clean water or not. It's up to grains conditions, and also up to your preference etc. [Some say beans need water change at this point.] 5: Start cooking. Mid to high heat. Massive foaming would usually occur, so we usually scoop them out. 6: Usually place cover after you scoop the foams out, then cook through. Sometimes bottom would burn so be careful. Sometimes it'd turn out to be uncooked (if soaking wasn't enough), sometimes it'd be jelly - congee. 7: If you have a expensive programmable rice cooker, it might have program for this recipe - setting for brown rice - if it works - might let you cook this dish without much attending.
Roasted Carrot, Apple and Fennel Soup
Roasted Carrot, Apple and Fennel Soup
Cooler Fall weather makes us want to curl up under a blanket with a warm bowl of soup. This roasted carrot, apple and fennel soup will warm you up make you embrace the changing of the seasons with its bright orange color and flavors of Fall.

healthy easy to cook recipes
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