Project Overview

Our goal is to design a mechanism within the rules of the 2011 ASME Student Design Competition's specifications, that can propel a "car" as far as possible, with the harnessed potential energy of one liter of water. The device must fit within a box measuring 165 x 165 x 370 mm, and contain no forms of stored potential energy. 

The scoring for the competition will be  governed by the following equation:

Where Di is the distance traveled in mm, and Wi is the amount of water spilled in ml, over 20 ml. 

The score is the summation of the distance the car travels over two consecutive runs, and a deduction of 100 mm is assessed for every ml of water spilled over 20 ml.
Therefore,  a water tight design was a crucial aspect of our design. 

Our Group

(From The Left): Mike Collins, Jake Bagdonas, Bruce Knapp, & Brian Spatz