Canadian Coin Silver Content

canadian coin silver content
    canadian coin
  • This article concerns Canadian coinage, the coinage of Canada. Modern Canadian coins are produced by the Royal Canadian Mint and denominated in Canadian dollars ($) or cents (?).
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canadian coin silver content - Canada National
Canada National Parks Moose Silver $1 Coin 1985 Canadian Mint
Canada National Parks Moose Silver $1 Coin 1985 Canadian Mint
Silver bullion finest .825 purity silver $1 Canada 1885 NATIONAL PARKS Commemorative coin. The 1985 Canada Moose Commemorative Silver Dollar is one of Canada's most famous, sought-after and most recognizable commemorative coins. Stuck to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Canada's first national park, it features a majestic bull moose grazing in the shadow of a snow-capped mountain. It's a classic scene that perfectly captures the peace and serenity of Canada's wide open spaces. The coin's obverse features the "Mature Head" version of Queen Elizabeth II. Coin is presented in a non pvc airtight plastic coin capsule With the price of silver bullion soaring weekly then this is a sure investment for the coin proffesional and begginer alike. Canadian Parks to visit are Glacier British Columbia Kootenay British Columbia Mount Revelstoke British Columbia Yoho British Columbia Yoho British Columbia Banff Alberta The Cave and Basin hot springs Rocky Mountains Elk Island Alberta Jasper Alberta Waterton Lakes Specifications : 1985 date Presented in Air-Tight Coin Capsule - : PROOF MS 70 + Canada Mint : Montreal Weight : 23.327 Grams almost 1 Oz Diameter : 36.06 mm Notes : matt and field mirror image Finish - Reeded edge - 45 % Die Axis - MS 70 +++ PROOF

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Canadian Coins
Canadian Coins
Here are all of the Canadian coins. They have the one and two dollar coins. I find it much easier to carry these around then the one dollar dill that we have in the US.
Canadian Coins
Canadian Coins
That penny on the right side is worth $.0102 U.S.! Ooooh yeah, time for a shopping trip in Fargo.

canadian coin silver content
canadian coin silver content
Canadian Dime Coin CuffLinks Hand Painted
Cuff-Daddy is proud to present these genuine coin cufflinks painted by hand by a local artisan. These will make anyone from Canada proud as they feature the Bluenose, a famous Canadian schooner. The artist selected top quality coins and painstakingly hand painted every detail that already exists in the coin just for you. Since all of the enamels are mixed by hand just prior to painting, no two cufflinks are ever exactly identical, making each item pair one of a kind. The hand-painting process for each piece varies, some taking as long as 48 hours to complete. The final step includes painted them with clear hardcoat to provide an extremely durable finish that resists scratches. Arrives in a quality box which doubles for the perfect gift box too!