2011 Alaska Math & Science Conference

The Alaska Math & Science Conference will be held in Fairbanks from September 24-26, 2011.  The focus of the conference is STEM Education: Foundation for Alaska’s Future  We will focus on innovative educational approaches that will help administrators and teachers emphasize science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in their districts, schools and classrooms. Workshops and sessions will be held at Lathrop High School and Ryan Middle School.  Field trips will begin at the Princess Hotel and go to various locations. 

Why focus on STEM education?  According to the Center on Education and the Workforce, there will be eight million jobs available in STEM-related fields by 2018.  One of the objectives of the Alaska Math and Science Conference is to assure that attendees have a clear picture of the importance STEM education.  The conference will provide tools for administrators and teachers to use, leading our children in the classroom to become problem solvers and innovators.