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Copyright Note: Always check copyright information for any image you plan to use. Most sites include instructions on how to give credit for images that you download and include in lessons or presentations.

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For differentiated instruction and text-to-speech features.
Access from home with information from library.
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General Image Sites:




Morgue File


A site to help you learn to cite!
 Searchasaurus: Search for information in magazines and encyclopedias for kids in grades 4-8. (Must be a Wisconsin citizen to access.)  

Science Image Sites


 Social Studies

Hundreds of educational games, activities, quizzes, articles and more, for kids and everyone to use online - and FREE!
History Globe



Web Links/Projects


Wisconsin Agency Pages for Kids




EEK!: Environmental Education for Kids. Learn about plants, animals, and Wisconsin's great outdoors. Wisconsin DNR's electronic magazine is for kids in grades 4-8.  

 Zoom Dinosaurs



Wisconsin Veterans Museum Fun Features for Kids: Includes an Internet scavenger hunt and other fun stuff for learning about Wisconsin's past.  

 Dinosaur Train

 DuckstersBiographies for Kids


WisHisforKids: The kids website of the Wisconsin State Historical Society of Wisconsin 


Biographies for Kids

 Regions of the United States

 Wisconsin Folks: includes pages about folk artists and their culture in Wisconsin.



 Wisconsin State Historical Society

Underwater Archaeology Kids' Corner: Activities for exploring the shipwrecks of the Great Lakes, including a link to a special website dedicated to the great Wisconsin shipwrecks.  


Mariner's Museum


 Native American Tribes of Wisconsin Webquest

Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions Kids Page: Give yourself a lesson on money and how it works.  


Wisconsin Dairy Producers Kidz Zone: Activities, Games, Quizzes!


All About Explorers

 Native American Tribes of Wisconsin Resources

DNR Recreational Safety Education Programs include resources for All Terrain Vehicles (ATV), snowmobiles, boating and hunting (including bow hunting and trapping.)