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Almost contents are in Japanese, sorry.
updated: 2011 Mar 23
Now I'm updating currently my social bookmarks about **the librarianship under/against this disaster** (almost in Japanese)

Twitter hashtag - #jishinlib : tweets and activities by Japanese librarians
Togetter - #jishinlib : tweets log by Japanese librarians

Facebook groupe on Japan and Pacific earthquake

[[referendces in English]]
Info on Earthquake in Japan 東北地方太平洋沖大地震情報 & For kids version
 Portal site by Ms.Sharon Domier @ UMass Ahrmast Library
Japan Earthquake & Tsunami (COM Library)

[[Damaged libraries]]
savelibrary @ ウィキ - 東日本大地震による図書館の被災情報・救援情報
 the wikisite about damaged libraries in Tohoku & Kanto district in Japan.
 twitter ID:
 Google map of damaged libraries in Eastern Japan.
Comments from damaged libraries and librarian

[[Photos of Damaged libraries]]
図書館の被害画像(2011年東北地方太平洋沖地震)Earthquake Damage to Libraries
 Photos of damaged libraries.
Earthquake destruct in AFFRIT
 Picasa web album of the damaged library of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research Information Technology Center. 2011 Mar. 11
Picasa web album of the damaged library in Yuki City.

 bibliography about library and disaster, rebuilding and supporting in Japan

[[Museums & Cultural Heritage]]
savemuseum @ ウィキ-東日本大地震によるミュージアムの被災情報・救援情報
 the wikisite about damaged museum in Tohoku & Kanto district in Japan
savearchives @ ウィキ-東日本大地震によるアーカイブズ関連施設の被災情報・救援情報
 the wikisite about damaged archives in Tohoku & Kanto district in Japan
JP: damaged cultural properties
 information about damaged cultural properties
 information about damaged cultural properties
 information about closed museums

[[General Information]]

- Facebook - Earthquake updates for FOREIGNERS in Japan -

- NHK World (English, Chinese, Korean and others)
-- on Ustream
-- for iPhone

 Japanese TVs are now on Ustream

- NEWSPAPER (Nikkei Shimbun) (PDF ver, FREE):
- NHK Radio news streaming:
- IBS Radio (Ibaraki Hoso)