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Combined Two Day

Attackpoint split analysis

Found at the Assembly Area

  • black Columbia fleece zip hoodie, Youth 10/12
  • child's glove, blue knit with "Heroes in Training" logo, found near playground
  • 2 pairs of gray socks left hanging on a tree in the car park
  • 1 pair of thin blue socks
  • dark red Early Winters sweatshirt, Lg-Tall
  • pink Lands End Nanotex fleece cap/toque - claimed
  • bright orange acrylic cap/toque - claimed
  • control description holder with blue elastic band - claimed
If you can claim any of the above, e-mail the event registrar.  I will be at the two remaining A-meets this fall. Any unclaimed items will be donated or discarded at the end of November (depending on their condition).

Photo Links

Betsy Hawes - Shutterfly album
Cathleen Crowley - Times Union newspaper photo slideshow
Clem McGrath - Flickr album
Julie Keim - Flickr album
EMPO Gallery (photos by Bob Goodwin) - Picasa albums (2)

And a local newspaper's review of the events (with a few inaccuracies, which is almost always the case)...

Saratoga City Search Trivia O

Greg Walker -- 26 points out of a possible 30
Melissa Trout / Cristina Luis  -- 25
Janet Tryson  -- 22
Judy Karpinski / Jeff Saeger -- 26 (OT)
Sue Hawkes-Teeter -- 22 (OT)
Hugh MacMullan and family -- DNF

Notable: Sue Hawkes-Teeter may have become the first person in the history of our sport to complete an unrelated errand while on the course, stopping at the post office between two controls. Unfortunately, this caused her to return 3 minutes over the time limit.

--Frank Boscoe/EMPO
Course Designer