Buying into Empire Workshop
Professor Kristin Hoganson, UIUC
Big Ideas across the US History Survey
American History Matters Collaborative Team
Jennifer Chin, Monique Thorpe, Tom O'Brien, Jennifer Johnson, Gregory Simmons, Jason Evans, Cyriac Mathew, Michelle Livas, Amy Coffelt, Rivanna Jihan, Catherine Yackee and Ann Marie Ryan
Empowering Student Voice in a Global Society: Bringing Controversial Topics into the History Classroom.
Nisan Chavkin, Constitutional Rights Foundation Chicago
Elizabeth Robbins, Brooks College Prep
Strategies for Teaching History to English Language Learners
Julie Peters, University of Illinois at Chicago
Teaching History through Individuals
Kristina Maldre, National Archives and Records Administration
Giving and Getting Feedback in the History Classroom
Michael Biondo, Maine South High School
Democratizing the DBQ
Chip Brady and DBQ Teachers
History as Mystery
Gary Mcnaney, Michelle Livas, Arturo Fuentes, Chicago Public Schools
Theresa Bartsch, Maud E. Johnson Elementary
Teaching the Supreme Court
Shawn Healy, McCormick Freedom Project
Anne Marie Leader and Katy Newcomb, Lyons Township High School
Teaching with Primary Sources in a Global Context: Suffragists and Their Tactics
Margo Tomaras and Rosalie Guerrero, Teaching with Primary Sources, DePaul University
Teaching US History through Themes and Essential Questions
Jennifer Johnson, Lincoln Park High School
Mark Rasar, Glenbrook South High School
Activities that Get Them Out of Their Seats and into History
Meredith Simpson Rueger, Giant City School
Needs of Society: Themes to Teach Modern Issues in World History
Martin Moran, Francis W. Parker School 
Differentiating Instruction in the History Classroom
Lyn Comer-Jaworski, Elk Grove High School
Service Learning and History
Jon Schmidt, Chicago Public Schools
Writing in the History Classroom
Rick Rosenberg, Maine South High School
Sharon Marzano, Juarez Community Academy
Tracy Kellam, Maine East High School
Mary Thallemer and Julie Dickinson, Maine East High School 
Immigrants and Oral History
Mireya Loza, Brown University
Martin Luther King in a Global Context
Juanita Thurman, Lincoln Park High School 
Teaching Slavery through a Social Justice Framework
Ganae McAlpin-Toney and Yamali Rodriguez, Social Justice High School
Assimilation, Acculturation, and Stereotypes of ‘The Other’
Michelle Fry and Phyllis M. Henry, Teaching with Primary Sources, Loyola University Chicago
Bill Yoshino, Midwest Director of the Japanese American Service League