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The Welfare Reform Act 2009 (in pdf format) is available here

The 8 of March 2012 the Welfare Reform Act 2012 received Royal Assent and have become law of the land.
Illogically the new act do not repeal the 2009 one but merely changes and amend sections of it. This is double whammy for the poor.
In addition to the obnoxious and loathsome provision of its predecessor, the new 2012 Act  introduces cuts in Housing Benefits and this alone is a recipe for a major disaster.
The world is really turning upside down and most of worse expectations will very likely come to pass.
It will result in a major disaster for this already down on its luck Nation. Lets hope that these bad times will doom only one generation. 
These policies also guarantee a serious downturn in the economy and a doubling of the living costs. 
This Country is now heading to be a representative of the Third World.
The shameful Welfare Reform Act 2012 (in pdf format) is available hereA quick summing up of the abhorrent Act can be seen here. 

The site will support additional materials .

Interestingly you can see some example of the  trend already (May 2012):

In it I found an interesting comment on the article from:

26 May 2012 9:26PM

If companies like Tesco are shown to be using them instead of paying employees then that is scandalous.

Here is an experience from another thread a few months ago:

I personally know a fifty-six year old man who worked at Tesco for 40 hrs a week for 6 weeks for no pay. He said he was given the worst job, constantly filling freezers in the hope he would be taken on. After the 6 weeks were up the manager asked him if he would like to stay on for some extra weeks, my friend asked "with pay"? The manager said why would he pay him when he can pick the phone up and get more unemployed people who have to work for nothing of face sanctions meaning loss of ALL benefits for up to three years!

My friend wasn't alone, he was part of twelve extra staff taken on to cover the xmas rush, no one was given a job at the end of the xmas period.

He told me they had all worked really hard and were gutted they were abused in such a way. The worst was one day he had to throw out lots of food one day over the use by date. He asked the manager if he could take some home as he was having to eat more due to being active all day. The manager refused saying if he gave him free food he wouldn't come through the front door and buy it!"


This american cartoon (from the 99% movement) neatly catch the zeitgeist we live in.

This old cartoon from 2010 neatly capture the essence of the work program (even if it refers to something preceding it) 

Already in the Autumn 2012 much anticipated signs of the nefarious and criminal slavers political agenda has resulted in more and more cases of death and increased unnecessary hardship.
The entry below is typical of more and more cases. It is taken from a non generic forum not one specific to social problems or unemployment:

Im hoping someone on here will be able to give me some advice. I have been recieving JSA for about 18 months. The jobcentre sent me to a work focused training programme which I have been attending. I recieved a sanction due to non attendance. The sanction was for 2 weeks. I took every letter that I had recieved into the job centre which showed every appointment I had attended but was told i had still missed some. The sanction was then lifted and 2 weeks later I was sanctioned again for a month. The training provider told the job centre that I was not attending appointments even though I had signed in every time I had attended. Again, they said I had missed some that they had booked. 
As soon as this sanction was up, they immediately hit me with a 6 month sanction for exactly the same thing, despite the fact that every appointment I recieved, I attended. The job centre said it was basically my word against the training providers as they were saying I had not attended every one. 
I have appealed against the decision and have lost the case. I have had no money at all since the beginning of June and my next pay is looking to be the middle of December. 
I have applied for crisis loans, budgeting loan and hardship payments, all of which have been refused. 
I have spoken to Citizens Advice but they had no real advice to give me. Surely they cannot expect me to survive for so long on nothing. I am still signing every 2 weeks and still attending the training programme. I just dont know what to do now. I cant go on like this much longer. I have told the job centre so many times that I need help or advice and their stock answer is "You are on a sanction, we cant do anything". I am still recieving housing benefit which is great but have no way of getting food or topping up the utilities. Beyond stressed now. Any advice much appreciated...

We are going to see much more of this in the near future.

Another inspired cartoon. The caption says "Finish you rice! There are children that die of hunger in Europe!". This is prophetic. 

The site is only irregularly updated. This is because much of my contributions are placed on the Welfare Central Forum and Benefit Advice Forum under the same pseudonym of "Brutus".
In future I'll maybe add some of the relevant entries to this page. In the meantime I would redirect the reader to the above.

Prof. Guy Standing lecture on Prof. Guy Standing - "Why Europe's Precariat Needs A Basic Income" given the 28 of January 2015 at the MIES LAB (a sort of Dutch research organisation). His book "The precariat a dangerous class" is a fundamental key to understand what is happening and where we are globally going.
The lecture is an entertaining and good summing up of all the essential themes Prof Standing proposes [note that the first 4 minutes or so  and the very last comments are in Dutch]. 
Neo-liberalism, Precariat and Universal Basic Income are interconnected and in this phase of human societal evolution, it is all we can be concerned with. 

Contact the authors here.