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Snazzy Library (download in Microsoft Word 97-2003 or newer)
Presenters: Tabitha Hattabaugh, Spann Elementary
Jeni Nix, Knightsville Elementary

Using Media and Popular Culture to Teach 21st Century Skills - Frank Baker, Media Literacy Clearinghouse
PowerPoint (which has embedded links to handouts) (download in MIcrosoft Powerpoint 97-2003 or newer)

Does Your District Library Media Advisory Committee Work for You?  Ours Does!
Presenters: Ida W. Thompson, Instructional Technology Services, Richland School District One
Alexzena Furgess, Richland One District Library Media Advisory Committee Chair

Presentation (opens in Google Pres)
Alternate PDF File of the presentation

RITZ - Reading in the Zone
Presenter: Lanora Rogers, Westview Elementary
PPT Presentation   Handout
Powerpoint in PDF   Handout in PDF

"Moore" on Primary Sources
Presenters: Frank Moore, North Myrtle Beach High
Cathy Moore, Myrtle Beach Intermediate

What’s New in Children’s Literature from R.L. Bryan
Marcia Baxter, RL Bryan
Handout (Opens in Google Docs)
PDF Handout

10 Tools to a More 2.0 Library
Presenter: Cathy Nelson, Dorman High School
Links and Presentation

Library Lil and Me: Meet the Author, Suzanne Williams
Presenter: Suzanne Williams, Featured Author

The Media Center Goes to the Dogs!
Kellyanne Burbage, Sangaree Intermediate
Handouts  Download as a Word 97-2003 Document

Opposing Viewpoints and Standards: A Perfect Match!
Presenter: Betty Jordan, Sullivan Middle
Handout (opens in Google Docs)

PDF Document

South Carolina and Thinkfinity: A SDE Partnership
Presented by: Catherine Giddens, Technology Integration Specialist, SC Department of Education

Battle of the Books
Nancy Mankin, Debbie Maddox, & Mary Ries, Mauldin Elementary
Handout 1 Rules
    Handout 2  Running it

"My Favorite 2.0 Tools"
Nonpublic-Independent School Libraries Section Meeting - Presenter: Mary Silgals, Trident Academy
PPT Download

What's the DIF?  You still be IL'n
Michael Giller, South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities

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Aug 5, 2010, 2:05 PM