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buy japanese toys
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Japanese Toys
Japanese Toys
Bought these small dolls in Tokyo for my daughter and she loved them. It turns out that the heads are far too easy to remove so for the time being they're just pure decoration. There's one more - the tomato guy - but I lost him when he fell backwards from the bed (next to where his buddies are standing above). Eventually, I'll pick him up. Funny thing that you don't know which character you pick up before you open the box.
Toy of The Day (02-01-09) (001)
Toy of The Day (02-01-09) (001)
I decided that in addition to my daily self, you will also be enjoying a Toy of The Day. Now you can see how much crazy shiz I have! This little pig I bought at Ohayocon, he's a trading figure. He's from Japan. I love his little tail bow. He smells like PVC. He's about 1" tall.

buy japanese toys
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