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Vintage Construction Toys

vintage construction toys
    construction toys
  • (Construction toy) A construction set is a set of standardized pieces that allow for the construction of a variety of different models or buildings. The pieces avoid the lead time of manufacturing custom pieces, and of requiring special training or design time to construct complex systems.
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Classic Construction Toys-Doepke and more
Classic Construction Toys-Doepke and more
This is a montage/composite I did for a friend who collects these vintage metal toys. Most of them are from the 50's and 60's. The most popular name is Doepke. They had about 15 different toys...all of them modeled after actual full sized equipment. When new, they were priced about $20-$ if they are in good shape, they will bring 10 times that...or more.. I shot these individually using a light box, black backdrop and one strobe on either side of the lightbox. I did some clean up, blemish retouching and the usual 'tweaking' in PhotoShop...then used PrintMaster to do the final layout
Flexiblocks Jumbo Construction Set bucket front
Flexiblocks Jumbo Construction Set bucket front
The Flexiblocks Jumbo Construction Set was dated 1988 by Fantasy Toys, Inc. It has 304 pieces, but my set now has 296 pieces because 4 pieces are missing and 4 are broken. I am wanting to get replacement parts soon. This was one of the first Flexiblocks sets available in stores. Flexiblocks were available before 1988, but not in stores and was 50% less than the amount of what that set has.

vintage construction toys
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