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Movie Cars Toys

movie cars toys
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Batman Forever by Kenner
Batman Forever by Kenner
Toys based on the 1995 film starring Val Kilmer. The car's wheelbase is scaled longer than the actual movie car, but it nicely imitates the neon lighting and splitting top fin. While Kilmer's Batmobile is more of a show car than a crimefighting transport, I wouldn't mind taking it for spin around the block like Drew Carey did in his TV show. The coolest feature of the movie prop were the bat symbol hubcaps that remained rigidly upright as the wheels turned. How did they do that?
Toys, well loved
Toys, well loved
I took this photo of part of my sons Disney Cars collection, it's just a very very small part of it. I tried to capture the instantly recognisable colours and characteristics of the cars, but I also tried to capture the everyday aspect that they are actually toys and they do get played with (a lot!). For this reason i love the detail of the scratches and inperfections that the lens was able to pick up on the car in the foreground (named the The King, if you wanted to know)

movie cars toys
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