Questions & Suggestions

We've set up dedicated web pages where you can ask questions and make suggestions. You can (and should) also vote on other people's questions and suggestions.

Product Questions:

Unconference Session Topics:

What's an unconference?

Instead of having a pre-determined schedule of sessions with lots of PowerPoint and very little discussion, an unconference relies on attendees to set the agenda. We get together, people suggest topics for sessions, we make a list, everyone votes to decide which topics are the most popular, and the unconference begins.

Hyper-relevant content. Since topics are suggested by participants right at the start of the event, late-breaking subjects can bubble to the top. And since topics are democratically chosen, most sessions should be interesting to the people who are actually in attendance.

More discussion, fewer slides. Traditional conference sessions tend to be pretty static. Someone talks and shows slides while everyone else listens. The emphasis definitely isn't on dialog. Unconference sessions are more about conversation and less about presentation.