Session Notes

Unconference Sessions:

Map Maker, Rich editing Session 1 (A2)
Details are always important in order to create better maps.

Public Transit in Map Maker (A3)
Adding transit information would be useful, but challenging.

Humanitarian and Disaster (Map Maker) (A4)
Map Maker has been helpful in dealing with disasters, better tools and motivation in those areas would make it even more helpful.

Google Earth User Interface (A6)
Google tools are simple, with few buttons.  Keep this simplicity for Google Earth. Rework the Layers palette and UI so it's easier to understand.

Map Maker Rich Editing Session 2 (B2)
Details are always important in order to create better maps especially Road Features, Points of Interest, and Photos.

Map Maker Moderation (B3)
This was a discussion to identify & discuss ways to improve map maker moderation.

Africa Maps and Models (B4)
Mapping in Africa has some unique challenges

Historical Maps (B5)
For some historical sites access to the existing imagery is more important than the future updated imagery.

Usability and Future of Map Maker (C2)
This session focused on how to improve Map Maker and bring it into the Mobile world.

Mass Data Upload (C4)
Feature requests and logistics of mass data upload.
This was a discussion about identifying the levels & roles of mappers & moderators. This would help identifying the level of mappers that we are working with.

Copyright and Abuse (D3)
We need make sure users are aware of copyright problems and responsibilities

How to get gov't excited for mapping (D5)
Using examples and getting transparency and support from Google would help get the government excited for mapping and map data.

Mapping Parties (D6)
This discussion elaborated on and discussed the problems faced by organizers of mapping parties and how those can be ironed out.

Entourage, etc. in Google Earth (A1)
3D buildings add realism to the otherwise baron landscape of Google Earth. What can we do to improve the virtual experience of the casual tourist? In this session we brainstormed ideas on how to bring Google Earth to life.

Using 3D models for education purposes (A5)
This session discussed how adding 3d annotations to models would enhance the value of the model and facilitate using models for educational purposes.

The current model review process could be improved if the community was more involved. This increased influence may also motivate more people to build models. 

Terrain in SketchUp and Earth (B6)
Modelers would like to affect terrain and terrain imagery in GE, as well export a kmz from Google Earth to the 3DWH. They also want it to be easier to add entourage to Google Earth.

3DWH UI improvements (C1)
This session was a discussion around improvements to the Google 3D Warehouse.

Flight Simulator and Google Earth (C3)
Modelers looked at Microsoft's Flight Simulator as a basis of what Google Earth could look like.  We also discussed the modeling incompatibilities when modeling for Google Earth v/s Flight Simulator.

Common Modeling issues in SketchUp (D1)
SketchUp users gathered to have an informal discussions about any issues they have had recently with modeling.