Unit 2 Family relations/ Describing people

Topic: Family
The activities you must have in your posterous blog for this unit are listed here. Posterous blog unit 2

1. Games:
Memory games ( family relations)

2. Game/ Face Match. Listen to the description and select the face that is being described.

3. Videos
3.1 Before viewing: What family words do you remember? Write them.
First viewing. Compare your list with the terms showing in the video
Second and more viewings: Make a family tree using the information in the video.

Vídeo de YouTube

Post viewing tasks: 
4.Create a family tree of your own family (to turn in  on paper in class)
5. Create a family tree of the British Royal family . Check the video for some names.
Make a google search to find the relations . ( to turn in on paper in class)

Vídeo de YouTube

6. Review family terms and introductions with another video about family

                How much do you know?
6.1 Check how many terms you know with this exercise http://www.prof2000.pt/users/tereza_n/family.htm

7.  In class we will listen and answer the exercises from ¨Elementary podcast series 1 episode 7 The family¨ ( see file attached below) to reinforce our learning on the topic.

Reading ( Creative project)
7. Read the stories
  • About a grandpa . What can the grandpa do for his grandson?

  • About a daddy : How a daddy loves his daughter.

  • Now, create a story with pictures in this website . The topic:  Family.    Send the link to your story to your blog in posterous
Finally, record your story using Screencast o matic

9. Family ( cultural topic)
Watch the video clip and learn about the role of Moms in USA.

Vídeo de YouTube

Part 2. Describing people

Embed gadget

10. Play and match the faces with the descriptions

11.Play and match the description with the personality trait

12. Write an ad describing you or someone form your family. Use the pdf called Skillswise- adjectives (see below attached files)
Bring your activity on paper to class.

Part 3. Describing people ,places and things ( BBC Skillswise)
Solve the exercises in the following links.
Solve the quizzes and send the print screen to your blog.
Start factsheet game quiz worksheet

Part 4. Grammar notes
How to describe.....

Describing People

With IS
S/he is a man, a woman, a boy, a girl
S/he is tall, short, fat, skinny
S/he is pretty, cute, handsome, beautiful
S/he is Korean, American, Japanese, Russian

With HAS
S/he has blue eyes, green eyes, big eyes, small eyes, pretty eyes, dark eyes
S/he has black hair, blonde hair, short hair, curly hair, straight hair, long hair
He has facial hair

S/he is wearing a hat, a hair clip, a tie, a scarf, a yellow shirt, a blue skirt
S/he is wearing glasses, black pants, white shoes

Part 5.  Projects

1. Create a lonely heart ad with an interactive website. Select an adjective that describes you in each box. Print the screen and send the image to your blog in posterous.
Look at the following example:

Clothes and Fashion

3. Clothes / Fashion. ¨Your dream wardrobe¨
You have $1,500 dollars to buy the apparel (clothes) you need for next Christmas celebrations.
  • You have an invitation to your cousin´s wedding,the party will be in an elegant hotel in Mexico city. .
  • A  posada with your aunt´s friends in Toluca
  • And your parents wedding anniversary in Cancun.
Select 3 wardrobes , one for each celebration. Remember you want to look your best.
Print the screens and on paper paste the wardrobe for each occasion. Write a brief description of each of them.
You can shop at:

History of clothing
Explore the links and share in class somehting insteresting you found.

4. Watch a survey about shopping for clothes by a young guy in London.
What questions does he ask?
What answers does he get?
We will discuss and comment the answers in class.

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