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old toys new toys
    new toys
  • (New Toy) New Toy (1981) is an album by Lene Lovich first issued in the UK by Stiff Records. It featured her second single "New Toy". Containing only six songs, it is considered an EP rather than a full album.

728: Battered Old Toy Bus
728:   Battered Old Toy Bus
Taken for Strobist Sundays. 3/7/10: Theme: Toys. This may look like a battered old piece of junk, but my parents gave this to me 60 years ago. It was made in Sweden. It is the only toy I have from my early childhood, and is, therefore, very precious to me. I love every chip on it. My grandson now enjoys it when he visits. Taken on Aperture priority F7. 1 spot light to left, shining in windows. 1 spot light towards the back, supposed to light up the inside, but in the end the angle hid much of inside. Strobe SB-800 bounced of umbrella, over my right shoulder. I am new to this group. I have had a strobe for some time, and never used it. This is my first attempt. I hope to learn how to do it properly in this group
goodbye old friend... helloooo sexy new toy!
goodbye old friend... helloooo sexy new toy!
09/26 - my new camera arrived early for my birthday! anne had given me a gift certificate to amazon.com, so along with that and my reward certificates, i manage to get the newly release canon A710 for only 165 bucks!! i am gonna give my old friend, the s230 to mama so she can play with it. i love this new camera. it is a bit bigger than my s230, but it is 7 megapixels and has a 6x optical zoom. plus the focus is a lot faster and nicer. i love my new toy! thanks anne!! =)

old toys new toys
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