Short Silver Prom Dress

short silver prom dress
    prom dress
  • (Prom dresses) In the United States and Canada, a prom, short for promenade, is a formal (black tie) dance, or gathering of high school students. It is typically held near the end of junior and/or senior year. It figures greatly in popular culture and is a major event among high school students.
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short silver prom dress - Strapless Fitted
Strapless Fitted Satin Tube Pleated Pocket Evening Prom Party Mini Dress (Small, Silver)
Strapless Fitted Satin Tube Pleated Pocket Evening Prom Party Mini Dress (Small, Silver)
This designer Gold Champagne strapless dress will take you anywhere in fashion and style. From cocktail parties to clubbing to evening events, this Hollywood star style pleated dress will always make you the eye-catching center of attention. The classic yet seductive special dress is made from top quality fabric that is luxurious and high in stretch for perfect fit. The sophisticated styling of this gorgeous gown features a sweetheart strapless open neckline to draw attention to your shoulders, neck, and cleavage, while lengthening your figure. The fitted bodice is lightly pleated and fully padded enhancing your feminine cleavage, and adding comfortable support. The empire waist is defined with a sash that ties into a bow at the back. Also at the waist trendy slash pockets on both sides. From the waist, the material is pleated past your waist and hips to show off your shapely figure. When you turn around wearing this special dress, the rear view reveals you bare upper back for added appeal. Zip at back.

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Lynn's Gothic Prom Gown
Lynn's Gothic Prom Gown
This is a prom gown I was commissioned to do for a local client. This is the third of three I did for the same prom, but this one is a little bit special because it\'s not a typical prom dress. It\'s not to my taste really, at all, but this was what she wanted and she was very happy with it. When I went to her house, I knew she was looking for a period gown look but I wasn\'t aware she was into the Gothic scene so I brought along a book of photos of extant dresses from the 18th century and on for her to look at. When I got to her house she told me she was looking for something that had the look of a period dress, but with modern comfort (ha) and Gothic colors. Her actual words to me were \"I want a Victorican dress, you know like the ones from Pirates of the Caribbean.\" I just looked at her. Anyway, the dress is four pieces. Two sleeves that are detachable, an overdress that laces up the back, and an underskirt. *Dress is made in two fabrics, a dull crepe back black satin and a red brocade. You can\'t really see the pattern but it\'s a large classic georgian print that has been centered down the stomacher and the forepart of the dress. *Bodice is boned throughout, I used heavy duty cable ties instead of steel because this was a last minute thing and I didn\'t have time (and she didn\'t have the budget) to order steel. *The sleeves, underskirt and bodice are all trimmed in a a black lace, with accenting gathered red lace and a black flat brocade satin ribbon. *Back laces up with silver grommets, with a modesty panel for, well, modesty. *Bodice is lined in a black muslin, inter layer of cotton coutil. Please note: The dress form is shorter, and a little smaller than she is. The form kept sliding while I was attempting to take pictures. Also, the \'wrinkled\" look of the fabric isn\'t actually wrinkles at all, but the crepe of the fabric.
274.365 keepin it in the family
274.365 keepin it in the family
Friday 10-1-10 went to the pep assembly today to take pics of justin and down on the field cause he was up for king. he dident win but he only lonst by 2 votes. that would suck to know, but anyways this is the homecoming queen for 2010. Her sister was queen last year and is the one crowing her. it was cold as a mother fucker out there and it started to sprinkle. i left after it. i seen the weirdest people too, well not weird just like random. cause everyone always comes back for homecoming so its aqward and weird i think seeing people you haven't seen in years. went to al's (who i graduated with and his girlfriend is the one crowing the queen) cause some of our friends were there. but that got cut short and i went and hung out down the road. it was kinda weird but i had lots of fun. i really love this pic tho cause i love catching other peoples flash and i think she looks like miss america or something.

short silver prom dress