Silver Seas Whisper

silver seas whisper
    silver seas
  • The Silver Seas (formerly The Bees U.S.) are a rock and alternative band from Nashville, Tennessee, which formed when producer Jason Lehning met singer-songwriter Daniel Tashian, son of Barry and Holly Tashian.
  • A soft rustling or murmuring sound
  • speak softly; in a low voice
  • A soft or confidential tone of voice; a whispered word or phrase
  • speaking softly without vibration of the vocal cords
  • A rumor or piece of gossip
  • rustle: a light noise, like the noise of silk clothing or leaves blowing in the wind
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Whisper to the Blood: A Novel (Kate Shugak Mysteries)
Whisper to the Blood: A Novel (Kate Shugak Mysteries)
Inside Alaska’s biggest national park, around the town of Niniltna, a gold mining company has started buying up land. The residents of the Park are uneasy. “But gold is up to nine hundred dollars an ounce” is the refrain of Talia Macleod, the popular Alaskan skiing champ hired by the company to improve relations with the locals, and pave the way for the mine’s expansion…
Then, just as Talia is ready to present her case at town meetings and village breakfasts, there are two brutal murders, including that of a long-standing mine opponent. The investigation falls to Trooper Jim Chopin and, as usual, he could use some help from newly elected Niniltna Native Association chairman and part-time P.I. Kate Shugak. But Kate already has her hands full with a series of attacks on snowmobilers up the Kanuyaq River and the homicide of Park villain Louis Deem. With both cases on the verge of going cold, can Kate take the heat?

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Silver Whisper at Villefranche
Silver Whisper at Villefranche
Our 17th cruise was on Silver Whisper in the Meditteranean to Athens.We had been to the Monaco F1 Grand Prix on Sunday and we were due to board the ship in Nice on the Monday but the harbour was closed because of high winds.Silver Whisper disembarked her celebrity guests from the Grand Prix by tender at Villefranche , but when we got there it was too rough to tender us on .We waited on the quay until early evening when the wind went down and Silver Whisper could return. Note the missing tender which had been left behind in Villefranche with some of the crew.
Silver Whisper in St Lucia
Silver Whisper in St Lucia
approaching Castries , St Lucia 1/2006

silver seas whisper
silver seas whisper
Dogged Persistence
This short story collection is from the bestselling author well known for his novels based on Star Wars and The X-Files. The title story is a gritty tale of the ultimate use of nanotechnology—immortality. “Human, Martian—One, Two, Three” is a novella-length story about the terraforming of Mars. In addition to Anderson’s original fiction, this collection features his shared writing, including the first new Dune fiction, the story “A Whisper of Caladan Seas,” cowritten with Brian Herbert. Also included are the horrific tale “Drumbeats,” written with drummer Neal Peart of the band Rush, and “Prisoner of War,” a sequel to Harlan Ellison’s classic Outer Limits teleplay, “Soldier.”