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Silver Cross 3d Complete Pram System Jet Sport

silver cross 3d complete pram system jet sport
    silver cross
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Tokyo- Dog in a pram
Tokyo- Dog in a pram
I had heard that some dogs living in Tokyo are pushed round in prams, like babys and I spotted one. This one was on its way to Harajuku Park for an outing- clearly the owner is crazy. Poor thing even has a cat's 'Hello Kitty' pram. This shot was taken candid style, very quickly. I wanted to capture the woman and dog (in its unusual situation) without posing the picture. I decided against cropping the person on the right as I feel this sets the pic within its street photography context.
Mum and a pram
Mum and a pram
Yol's mum and a pram, probably in Cardiff late 1950s. No idea if there's anyone in the pram or if, as Yol's annotated the pic, it's simply "Mum and pram". It's like a modern fairytale, woman and pram with industrial landscape, empty except for the chimnies behind her. Maybe it's that time one of the kids was stolen by the gypsies that Yol's mum told me about.

silver cross 3d complete pram system jet sport