Silver chest of drawers. Silver ankle wrap.

Silver Chest Of Drawers

silver chest of drawers
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silver chest of drawers - Mountain (MTNTBT4905ASILVER)
Mountain (MTNTBT4905ASILVER) 46" 5 Drawers Top Chest - Silver
Mountain (MTNTBT4905ASILVER) 46" 5 Drawers Top Chest - Silver
Mirror polished panel inside top
Gas supports for top
5 drawer configuration ball bearing slides with up to 150 lb rating
Heavy gauge construction of 18 gauge steel
Quality drawer liners
The 5 drawers that are 18” deep offer plenty of storage. The 2 sided pull out drawer enables the user to utilize the clip board style hanging system to hold cables, tapes, cords and other items. Hooks are included. A theft proof side locking system is incorporated into the design. Dimensions: 46"L x 18"W x 21.90"H.

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Ann Marie's Before2
Ann Marie's Before2
Here's the breakdown of supplies and costs on mine: Chest of Drawers - $10 (Habitat Thrift Store) REAL Faucet - $3 (Habitat Thrift Store) Pretty Cabinet Pull - $2 (Habitat Thrift Store) Chafing Dish for Sink - $2 (Habitat Thrift Store) Picture Frame for Backsplash - FREE ( Scrap Beadboard for Backsplash - $2 (Habitat Thrift Store) Scrap Wood/Trim to build cabinet and oven insides and above shelf- $2 (Home Depot) Hardware - $10 (Home Depot) Suction Towel Bar - $4 (Wal-Mart in the bath hardware section) Dish Towels - $1 (Dollar Tree) 2 4 x 6 Frames for oven window - $2 (Dollar Tree) Cedar wooden rounds for knobs - $2 (Wal-Mart in the Laundry section) Paints - $3 (Wal-Mart, I only had to buy the green accent paint, I already had the white, black for the stove top, granite spray, and silver for the inside of the oven) I used old CDs/DVDs (like the ones that come in fast food kid's meals) for the stove top, so those were FREE Total - $43 I took apart the upper two drawers and glued, braced, and wood-filled the faces of the two drawers together into one piece. I then sawed them down the middle from top to bottom to make the cabinet door and the oven door. The bottom drawer I just left as-is for storing the stuff.
favourite things
favourite things
the chest of drawers comes from my childhood - my father painted it pink for me and put ballerina transfers on each drawer. Took me a long time many years later to strip it. The blue dish was made by my daughter in pottery class. The little basket used to hold the odd socks when my kids were little. The red box was a gift from a dear friend, and my daughter gave me the silver topped one! All those perfume bottles are simply dust catchers. I leave them there because I like them for some reason! I took this because I am trying to extend my repertoire - first I'm getting bored with my photos and second I need to improve my technical mastery!

silver chest of drawers
silver chest of drawers
Stein World Arlington 4 Drawer Dresser Dresser Chest - 75795
Shop for Jewelry Storage from! The Arlington 4 Drawer Chest looks like it came straight out of Mt. Vernon. This colonial masterpiece is a grand display of lovely hand-applied colors from slate blue to warm sage. The four deep drawers display a hand-painted ribbon motif in sage blue and white. The finely routed edges have a rub-through finish to let the wood grain show. Ring pulls and sculpted bracket feet are the master's touch. The chest is constructed of engineered hardwoods with silky smooth veneers. It's presidential.About Stein WorldStein World is dedicated to discovering and bringing to the market place the finest hand-painted products from around the world. With over 50 years of experience they have been able to develop not only the resources but true partnerships with quality manufacturers and artisans who make Stein World unique in the furniture industry today. Their commitment to you is to present only the highest quality furniture at prices that bring future family heirlooms into everyone's price range.