2009 New Years Sunglasses

2009 new years sunglasses
  • Glasses tinted to protect the eyes from sunlight or glare
  • Sunglasses or sun glasses are a form of protective eyewear designed primarily to prevent bright Sun light and high-energy visible light from damaging or discomforting the eyes.
  • (sunglass) a convex lens that focuses the rays of the sun; used to start a fire
  • spectacles that are darkened or polarized to protect the eyes from the glare of the sun; "he was wearing a pair of mirrored shades"
    new years
  • The New Year is the day that marks the beginning of a new calendar year, and is the day on which the year count of the specific calendar used is incremented. The Roman new year is on March 1. In many cultures, the event is celebrated in some manner.
  • has a 2 night minimum stay if Christmas is booked already. Please call us.
  • 2009 (MMIX) was a common year that started on a Thursday. In the Gregorian calendar, it was the 2009th year of the Common Era or of Anno Domini; the 9th year of the 3rd millennium and of the 21st century; and the 10th and last of the 2000s decade.
  • 4th, Overall, Tour of Belgium
2009 new years sunglasses - Ray-Ban RB3136
Ray-Ban RB3136 Caravan Sunglasses,Arista Frame/G-15-XLT Lens,55 mm
Ray-Ban RB3136 Caravan Sunglasses,Arista Frame/G-15-XLT Lens,55 mm
Ray Ban is a high end manufacturer of sunglasses, founded in 1937 by Bausch and Lomb, on commission of the United States Air Force. In 1999, Bausch and Lomb sold the brand to the Italian Luxottica Group. Ray Ban was responsible for creating two of the most imitated sunglass models on the planet: the Ray Ban Aviator and the Ray Ban Wayfarer.Timeless, authentic and imaginative, the Ray Ban collection remains true to its classic heritage, while continuously evolving to meet todays fashion demands. Ray Ban sunwear provides timeless style with models like the classic Wayfarer and Aviator while also offering exciting new styling innovations in keeping with todays contemporary urban fashion. Nationwide, Ray Ban is recognized as the eyewear brand tha America loves.

The Caravan from Ray-Ban made its debut in 1957 and showcases a more minimalistic design while holding the same magnitude as their classic aviators and wayfarers. It has a "squared goggle" look with comfortable nose pads and ear pieces and is elegantly presented to you in a protective leather-like case. Includes a microfiber cleansing cloth.

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61/365/year2 it's the beginning of the new year, my darlings, so go out there and make the most of it!
61/365/year2  it's the beginning of the new year, my darlings, so go out there and make the most of it!
i'm not really a fan of new year's resolutions. so last year i made a few "suggestions" to myself. i managed to stop cutting my hair. it's now down to my shoulders! i've also become more comfortable in my own skin, thanks to this project. unfortunatly, i never made it back to school. we'll make that "suggestion" the only one for this year. i wish you all a wonderful 2009, full of life, love, and happiness! [and a million photo opportunities!] [rad umbrella, from my work secret santa. 12 days of christmas gifts: day 8]
Day 39/365 - Chinese New Year Festival
Day 39/365 - Chinese New Year Festival
Nothing out of the ordinary here. Just went to the yearly Chinese New Year Festival held at the community college with my family. Pictured with me is my brother, and his daughter :) 2-8-2009

2009 new years sunglasses
2009 new years sunglasses
Ray-Ban Women's 4101 Jackie Ohh Sunglasses,Black Frame/G-15 XLT Lens,58 mm
Ray-Ban's Jackie Ohh Sunglasses evoke the sophistication and class of the First Lady and style icon. She made this bold, oversized look famous decades ago, and it is still coveted by fashionistas and celebrities today . While you may cram into 4-inch stilettos or too-tight pants in the name of style, Ray-Ban packs the Jackie Ohh with its optical technology know-how to ensure that at least your eyes don't have to suffer in the name of fashion.

Product Features
Frame: polycarbonate
Hinge: alloy
Lens: polycarbonate
Interchangeable Lens: no
Polarized: no
Face Size: medium, large
Frame Measurements:
Case Type: soft
Nose Pads: no
Temple Pads: no
Recommended Use: Blocking rays, looking stylish
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year