Scientist Participants

AGU Climate Experts,

Thank you for participating! We are very excited that over 700 PhD-trained scientists have signed up to contribute to this pilot project. This project represents a novel form of scientist/journalist communication, and we appreciate your enthusiasm as we embark on this experiment together.

A few ground rules as we set forth:

  • This forum is intended solely for sharing the findings of climate science. AGU has no advocacy position and discourages participants from providing policy views in this forum.  Non-science queries will be returned to the sender. If you receive a question that includes non-science aspects, we ask that you address only the science topics. See examples in sidebar link for Science vs. Non-Science Questions.
  • All emailed responses are the full responsibility of the sending scientist and do not reflect any position of AGU. Be sure to identify yourself, your position, and your employer in every email.
  • If you have any conflicts of interest, use your professional judgment on what questions to answer, and when in doubt, either state the conflict or excuse yourself from the exchange.

Details on logistics are in the sidebar links to the right. We’ll be soliciting feedback from all participants at the end of the pilot. Meantime, thanks again for participating in this exciting adventure and feel free to contact the organizers with questions at:

AGU Climate Science Q&A Team