Journalist Inquiries

Members of the Media,
The AGU is pleased to announce the offering of the Climate Q & A Service.   Over 700 PhD-trained climate scientists have volunteered to answer your questions about climate science.   The expertise of these scientists spans the spectrum of climate science, from atmospheric chemistry to oceanography to ecology to paleoclimate. 
Based on the success of last year's pilot program, the AGU and its cadré of climate scientists have once again committed to answering your questions.   The pilot program was designed to answer climate science questions for 10 days during the Copenhagen Climate Negotiations (7-18 December, 2009).   This year’s Climate Q & A Service will run over a three month period centered around the climate negotiations in Cancun (29 Nov. – 10 Dec. 2010).
The scientists have signed up for shifts, with 3-5 scientists in each time slot representing different areas of climate science expertise.   During their designated shift, these scientists will staff a shared climate science email in-box and collaborate with each other using Email Center Pro Software to answer questions in a timely manner.   Questions and answers will be archived by the AGU for post-project analysis and may be made available to the public at a future date.     

Please note that the scope of this project is limited to the findings of climate science and to the web-facilitated email format.   AGU explicitly requests participating scientists not to comment on policy in this forum, and non-science questions will be returned to senders (see examples in sidebar link for Science vs. Non-Science Questions).   All emailed responses are the full responsibility of the sending scientist and do not reflect any position of the AGU.   Follow-up interviews and discussions are not considered to be part of this project.

To submit a science question, email: with the following information:
  • Your question
  • Your media organization
  • Context of your article
  • Whether you are under a tight deadline – if so, note your deadline at the top of your email and we will do our best to meet it.   Questions received off-shift will be held for the next shift. 
This email address will be live from Monday Oct. 25, 2010 at 12:01am to Monday Feb. 28, 2011 at 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time   
We’re excited about this extended service and the novel forum for scientist/journalist interaction, and we will be soliciting feedback from participating media members after the service has closed.   In the meantime, to reach one of the organizers, email:


AGU Climate Science Q&A Team