10 days in Costa Rica

We visited an old friend in Costa Rica for the holidays.  We had lost touch with Mike fifteen years ago.  One day he appeared on Facebook and sent me an email.  We skyped and planned a get-together.  A visit to Costa Rica has been on my hit list for over ten years.

Last year Earl didn't get to go to the Amazon in Peru because he became ill two days before the trip.  Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise that he didn't get to go as he had a bit of trouble with this adventure.  Southern Costa Rica was very hot and humid.  We had a bit of a climb to get to Mike's Finca (farm/plantation) there.  Earl made it up to the cabin but it was rough going for him.  It was equally rough for him when we went back down three days later.  Costa Rica's rain forest has an abundance of wonderful wildlife but I wouldn't recommend it for anyone who is overweight.  Mike was surprised that we had such a difficult time with the tropical weather since we come from Miami.  However, we don't go out in the sun and climb mountains in Miami :)

Costa Rica prides itself on being the "Switzerland" of Central America.  It has no army and its life expectancy exceeds that of the USA.  It has an excellent health care system and 1/4 of the country is reserved for wildlife conservation.  It does not have much as its neighbors in the way of native art, culture, or historical ruins.  It doesn't suffer from hurricanes but because of its volcanic nature has many earthquakes.  

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