Digital creations by students from the Youth Twitter Network.                                      Space Issue #2 


Hyper-text Poems & Stories

I Am
by Elizabeth, 8th Grade The Bronx
My Shining Star by Giselle, 8th Grade Maryland
If You Cared by Giselle, 8th Grade Maryland
Become Free by Suzannah T. 7th Grade Atlanta, GA.
Where I'm From by Genaro, 8th Grade The Bronx
I am from organized chaos by Hope B, 8th Grade Atlanta, GA.
Just to get this off my mind... by Allyson, 8th grade Maryland

Where I'm From by Rebecca, 8th Grade The Bronx
gaia by Hannah, 10th Grade Philadelphia
Existential Vacuum by Lindsea, 11th GRADE Hawaii
Ending, this week. by Lindsea, 11th Grade Hawaii
Who I Am by Christopher M, 7th Grade The Bronx
I am from flickering candles by Katie A, 8th Grade Atlanta, GA.
STEREOTYPES by Patricia, 8th grade Maryland

Simply Me by Jonathan P, 7th Grade The Bronx
I am from music blasting from speakers by Betsy P. 8th Grade, Atlanta, Georgia
Where I'm From by Dairous, 8th Grade The Bronx
Where I am From by Veronica O, 8th Grade The Bronx
Kids Like Fun by Dagmawi, 8th Grade Maryland
Where I'm From by Winston, 8th Grade The Bronx
I am from home by Marcos, 8th Grade Atlanta, GA.
I am from rays of morning light
by Grant F, 8th Grade Atlanta, GA.
This Mask by Adelle, 8th grade Maryland

Listen to a collection of Haikus
Sixth grade students from Mr. Hodgson's class in Southampton, MA created a Poetry Podcast of Haikus. Some are traditional Haikus that deal with a theme of nature and some are non-traditional Haikus.

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Hypertext Poems & Stories
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