January sunshine brings in the month, Edna skates at Poitiers,

Rain falls on magical mystery tour for David's 63rd birthday.

We eat pigeon breasts so divine with scallops in saffron sauce,

Chocolate pudding for dessert and delicious wine of course.

Marmalade making with Felicity, Euro rises to 74p,

January ends with snow and frost and Pithiviers tarts for Epiphany.


Car breaks down causing mayhem and confusion,

But February pancakes are served in profusion.

Chantilly cream and home-made jams,

After a 14k walk add kilos and grams.

Verandah construction provokes much thought,

Back and feet problems bring us to a halt.


March stork heralds Baby Francesca, Gran'Mama's besotted and proud,

David plants the poplar wands and digs holes in sodden ground.

Spring arrives on 21st and lawn receives first mow,

With Easter lamb, Simnel Cake and chocolate eggs we glow.


April, Avril, remember a friend, who died not long ago,

Others too, whom once we knew, now not here to grow.

Cuckoo calls, froggies croak, Big Feet stays out all night,

Nightingale sings in starlit skies, we dance, walk and delight.


Grilled sardines, we economise, and eat like queen and king,

The euro rises to 81p, but note we do not sing.

Temperatures inside and out, equate Celsius 18 degrees,

Continual rain, we pump and bale, glad not to be up to our knees.


Floor tiles laid, David has paid, the price, and before he knows,

He's made to stop, with housemaid's knee, to rest his little toes.

What gloom and doom? We change our clothes and beggars here we be,

Actors in street theatre, 15th century.


May the first, Labour day, with friends we take a rest,

Hot May days and barbecues, we hear the cricket best.

Verandah roof is stripped, replaced, winter logs arrive,

Edna performs a piano duet with Laurie, what a surprise.


June, you'd think the sun would shine, no cherries on the trees,

Ice killed off the blossom, so no pollen for the bees.

Verandah windows are installed with solar heat and light,

Protection from the southerly winds, and a garden room so bright.


Midsummer comes, a storm unfolds, more rain comes our way,

July hot sun, two glorious weeks, Francesca and her mother stay.

We clean some gîtes, we beg again, we watch the Tour de France,

Bastille day Fireworks make a bang and give us chance to dance.


We start to market and promote, create leaflets and design

Web sites for us and our friends, cheers, we need a glass of wine.

Edna's birthday mystery tour takes us to Gargilesse,

Once a home of George Sands whose novels are the best!


August 08 08 08, festivals and fêtes galore,

The euro reaches an all time low as the markets downwards soar.

We dine with friends and celebrate Bat and Vaux again,

Ironic that house moving dates are exactly the same.


We're tired and need a holiday, after all, isn't that why we're here?

A camping tent by the River Dordogne creates bonhomie and cheer.

September, Fall, Summer goodbye, Brittany with a cousin,

Chamber Music, La Roche Posay, led by Monsieur Haydn.


Patrimoine, all for free, heritage and history of France,

So much to see and so much to do, we can only take a glance.

We start a new development, a project with the commune,

Learning French and English together, we hope to progress soon.


October vendange, Harvest time, we watch as grapes are picked,

The grapes are crushed , we drink verjuice and luckily lick our lips!

We dig in sand and compost into our vegetable plots,

We plant field beans to improve the soil to make worthwhile our crops.


The solid ground is back-breaking work as we lift out many stones,

A journey back to England, Wendy Ann launch again postponed.

Kite festivals and Chocolate feasts the weather a little cooler,

We're very pleased to see and hear the successes of Tallulah.


November passes rapidly, winter bringeth drear,

Difficulties and challenges, reminders of the year.

The euro rises to 90p and rumours run amok,

It's got so low we can't afford wines from Languedoc!


The sterling pound seems to fall as we approach the final month,

December, Advent, Marchès de Nöel entice us from the crunch.

Pêre Noël hangs everywhere, Christmas lights are festive bright,

Captain Sensible and Sweetpea still try with all their might.


We write our blogs at Village de Vaux and realise that life

For all of us has ups and downs and ultimately strife!

We wish you all sincerest best for a happy year to come,

And as at every end of year we wish you joy and love.




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Love from Edna and David xx xx