Welcome to Google's press center for the 2008 National Political Conventions

At the Democratic Convention in Denver (August 25-28) and the Republican Convention in Minneapolis/St. Paul (September 1-4), Google will be using our products and technologies to connect voters around the country with the latest convention news and activities.  The list to the right provides links to those products.

Google will also have a physical presence at each convention. In Denver, find us at the Big Tent, where you will have a chance to gather with print, broadcast and online media and file stories, see presentations about politics and the Internet and maybe bump into a free smoothie or two. 

In Minneapolis/St. Paul, you'll find us- and assorted refreshments - next to media row in the Minneapolis Convention Center during major events for media and delegates. 

YouTube Video Contest

Through unprecedented partnerships with both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, our video contest that will send one talented winner from each side of the aisle onto their candidate's campaign trail, and ultimately into their party's national convention in Denver or Minneapolis-St. Paul. Voters have submitted videos explaining why they're Democrats or Republicans in 2008.

Check out YouTube's Convention Headquarters to see video submissions and cast your vote.

Why I'm a Republican in 2008

Why I am a Democrat in 2008


Google Convention Tools

Google Search
Find what you need on the convention sites through Google Search

You Tube
Watch the latest campaign trail and Dem and GOP conventions videos on YouTube

Find out where and when the candidates are speaking on Mobile

Google Earth and Maps
See where the candidates are going through Earth and Maps applications with convention schedules, accommodations, special events, news, video and photos

Google Calendar
Keep detailed convention event information at your fingertips on Google Calendar

Google Photos
Share and find photos from the conventions in community albums on Google Photos

Google Documents
Collaborate, organize and plan with other supporters with Google Docs.

iGoogle Gadgets
Personalize your own convention page with iGoogle Gadgets

Google Sites
Organize local supporter groups with Google Sites

For questions, please contact convention-pr@google.com

 You can also visit our Campaign Toolkit, Maps Gallery, Election News section and Election Trends site for more on what we're doing around elections.