Pony Pride Flag

© 2007 Carrie P (Mystic Storm)

The Pony Pride Flag has been an idea of Carrie's that she has carried around in her head for a couple of years, and finally, in 2007, she brought the idea to fruition.  She created the image to show off her pride at being a Pony Girl, and a way for others to have a visual representation of their pride and involvement as well.


Pins with the Pony Pride Flag emblem are available for $5.00 each.  All proceeds will go to the International Pony and Trainer 2008 Travel Fund.  To purchase a pin, please e-mail us at 2008ipt@gmail.com for further details.


What Does It Mean?



Black - Represents the Black Leather most commonly worn in the Leather communities.  This shows our link to the Leather Community at large.

White - Represents the pure inner spirit within each pony, no matter how each pony may be different.

Blue- Represents the ponies who strive to exceed at their craft and who enjoy the competition aspect of pony play. Also, blue represents denim, for all the cowboys and cowgirls who love their ponies!

Green - Represents nature, grass and running free in a field with no worries except the stupid horse flies.

Horseshoes  - Represents the pony out in its natural environment as well as a symbol to unify all ponies.


If you are interested in having your own flag made or having the flag on an item such as a blanket, pillow or other swen item please email nncythom@aol.com.