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Caravan Wheel Clamps Uk

caravan wheel clamps uk
    wheel clamps
  • (Wheel clamp) A wheel clamp (American English: Denver boot or wheel boot) is a device that is designed to prevent vehicles from moving. In its most common form, it consists of a clamp which surrounds a vehicle wheel, designed to prevent removal of both itself and the wheel.
  • (Wheel clamp) A device used to restrain a vehicle, usually to prevent the owner of an illegally parked car from leaving without paying a fine. It’s typically called a boot in the US (or, rarely, a Denver boot, after the first US city to deploy the obnoxious things).
  • A vehicle equipped for living in, typically towed by a car and used for vacations
  • travel in a caravan
  • a procession (of wagons or mules or camels) traveling together in single file; "we were part of a caravan of almost a thousand camels"; "they joined the wagon train for safety"
  • van: a camper equipped with living quarters
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  • A covered horse-drawn wagon
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Throughout the museum permanent exhibits had been changed - in this case the gypsy caravan had a penalty notice and eviction notice on the door. It also had its wheels clamped
Gypsy caravan
Gypsy caravan
When Banksy was set loose on the museum he gave this famous attraction a wheel clamp and an eviction notice :-)

caravan wheel clamps uk