Best Longboard Wheels For Cruising

best longboard wheels for cruising
  • A type of long surfboard
  • This article contains gratuitous slang.
  • Longboarding is the act of riding on a longboard.
  • A sailboard hull that s more than 11 feet (336 cm) long.
  • (cruise) drive around aimlessly but ostentatiously and at leisure; "She cruised the neighborhood in her new convertible"
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best longboard wheels for cruising - Atom Kicktail
Atom Kicktail Longboard
Atom Kicktail Longboard
The Atom Kicktail longboards deck shape allows you reap all the stability benefits of a longboard but still crack an ollie when needed. If you're wanting one longboard that'll do it all without hurting your pocket, the Atom Kick-tail longboard is a great choice.

Bright blue 78A polyurethane wheels and standard skate trucks help make this a smooth-rolling urban cruiser.
The Atom Kick-tail longboard is an ideal entry level longboard that offers versatility and a surprisingly robust feature set for the price. The kick-tail deck shape provides the stability benefits of a longboard, but offers enough responsive performance to turn the occasional ollie.

Maple laminate deck
PHT graphic material
80 grit aluminum oxide grip tape
Standard skate trucks made of die-cast aluminum hanger and base, and chromoly axle
90A - HR suspension
Polycarbonate hubs
65-millimeter 78A tires

7.4-pound overall weight
Four-pound deck weight
39-inch overall length
Eight-millimeter axle diameter
8.5-inch axle width
39-inch deck length
9.4-inch deck width
0.375-inch by 60-millimeter chromoly king pin
Eight by 22 millimeter ABEC 5 bearing
Accepts 22-millimeter bearing
About MBS
Atom is a line of boards produced by MBS. Founded in 1993 in Colorado Springs, MBS pioneered the sport of mountainboarding to extend the snowboard season year round, and is the original mountainboarding company, leading the industry by developing innovative and high performance mountainboard products. MBS is dedicated to the advancement of the sport and its riders, and has expanded its product line to additionally include carveboards, longboards, and skateboards.

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Longboard 04
Longboard 04
Longboard Championship at Parry Beach Denmark, Canon 50D and Sigma 150-500mm F5-6.3 DG OS
longboard design, the board is 125 cm long and 22 cm wide at the widest part

best longboard wheels for cruising
best longboard wheels for cruising
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