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29 Mtb Wheels

29 mtb wheels
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29 mtb wheels - Ferrari CX-50
Ferrari CX-50 26" MTB Adult Medium
Ferrari CX-50 26" MTB Adult Medium
The Ferrari CX-50 is intended for adults looking for a cutting edge bike and an unmistakable style. Special materials such as hydroformed aluminum and carbon fiber are widely used on this model. The Suntour XCR-RL fork the XC aluminum handlebars with 3D cold forged connection the Shimano hydraulic disc brakes the exclusive wheel rims with their 24 rustproof spokes and 26" Continental Explorer Pro tires the derailleurs and the 9 speed Shimano Deore Narrow gearshift represent only a few of the features of this specially built bike for everyday use. The microfiber Ferrari Sport Edition seat and the double density handgrips together with a weight of just 29 pounds assure maximum comfort in everyday use.

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Front hub
Front hub
29er 20mm through axle front hub
my what big wheels you have

29 mtb wheels
29 mtb wheels
26" Full Carbon Fiber Frame Shimano 21-speed MTB
Carbon fiber full monocoque front triangle bonded to carbon fiber rear stays which are created by hand using T700 and FAW150 fibers for their dampening properties. The top layer is made from T700 carbon fibers which enhance aesthetic by providing a continuous surface. Over 100 layers of the various fibers used throughout the frame. No internal or external reinforcements of any other materials. The bike equipped with RST GILA Fork which are rebound adjustable. On the left side with black switck, turning clockwise to increase pressure, make suspension harder, and turning counter-clockwise to reduce pressure, make suspension softer. On the rightside with red switch, turning it counter-clockwise until reach end to lock out fork, make it totally hard. Front wheelset and rear wheelset are quick release type. Turning quick release handle counter-clockwise to loose it and clockwise to tighten it, be careful with brake disc when you intend to take the wheel off of bike.