Repair Glasses Frames

repair glasses frames
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  • (frame) the framework for a pair of eyeglasses
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Use your fingers to gently lift the glass from the frame
Use your fingers to gently lift the glass from the frame
iFixit suggests that you start with the top left corner, but I have no idea why. I Notices that the glass had allready losened on the sides, so I decided to start there. I was able to remove the middle part of the glass front panel quite easily, every without a heat gun. But the glass at the top and bottom of the panel was really stuck. But by heating the glass in short bursts, I was able to find a way to heat the glass and underlying adhesive enough for it to let go, and using my knife (and later a pair of tweezers I gently removed all the small little glass fragments, one by one. It took perhaps a little under half an hour. The most important thing at this point it to not damage the frame, so don't use too much force. Use the heat from the heat gun to soften the glue/tape, and you will be fine.
Gently pry the frame loose.
Gently pry the frame loose.
I had two iPhones, one to practice with and one to actually fix, but you probably only have one chance at this so be careful so you don't damage the black rubber seal or the frame itself when you do this. Place the knife blade (the thinner the better) in the crack between the black rubber seal and the silver plastic frame. You might have to use a little force. On one iPhone the screen came loose pretty easily, but on the other I had to try several times to get the blade far enough down to get the leverage I needed to lift the glass and frame up.

repair glasses frames