Chip Windshield Repair

chip windshield repair
    windshield repair
  • The act of repairing a break in a windshield, or other laminated auto glass part, rather than replacing it. Windshield repair is a permanent process that removes the air from the break and fills it with a curable, optically matched resin.
  • Local Auto Glass Santa Clara's certified repair specialists can repair chips, nicks and cracks up to 6 inches long. This prevents further damage and restores the structural integrity of your windshield, without removing and replacing the glass.
  • break off (a piece from a whole); "Her tooth chipped"
  • Wood or woody fiber split into thin strips and used for weaving hats or baskets
  • bit: a small fragment of something broken off from the whole; "a bit of rock caught him in the eye"
  • a triangular wooden float attached to the end of a log line
  • A hole or flaw left by the removal of such a piece
  • A small piece of something removed in the course of chopping, cutting, or breaking something, esp. a hard material such as wood or stone
chip windshield repair - Windsheild Pro
Windsheild Pro Glass Repair Kit
Windsheild Pro Glass Repair Kit
Make windshield repairs quickly, easily, and with professional results! Using the patented bridge/injector system and a special ultra-violet liquid resin, you can repair most bullseyes and cracks resulting from stone or pebble pings on the road. This kit is called the pro style because it utilizes the same type of repair that the pro's use, and it can make multiple repair jobs. Repair damages to auto, truck, SUV and RV windshields just like the pro's do with this reusable kit. You can make the repair quickly, and it really is easy to do. This is the only kit available to consumers that will allow you to do multiple repair jobs! The kit is reusable with additional windshield glass resin. Our process is used by the profesionals in the windshield glass repair business. If you wanted to, you could actually start a part time business with this kit! The kit contains a special ultra violet resin, that is injected into the damaged "bullseye" or simmilar damage. We show you how to make use of the "bridge" which is a device supplied with suction cups and other material nessasary to use it. We call this kit our "Windshield Pro". Think about it, just one repair can save you several hundred dollars! The kit comes with complete, easy to follow instructions., and like all of our products, we are there to help you if you call our customer support number. Note: Not intended for use on heavy damage.

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Some Science Up In Here
Some Science Up In Here
Back story: 2009 (or maybe 2008). Literally the middle of the night. We left Bonnaroo later than expected and couldn't find a place to stop for food or a bathroom. Our hotel was an hour further away than we thought. We couldn't change the reservation. Everyone was in a foul mood. And then, as if our moods couldn't get worse, a rock flies off an overpass or something and chips the windshield. Cue copious swearing. I'm surprised we all survived the night. Fast forward 2-3 years. We still haven't repaired the chip, which also hasn't spread. We're in the car on the way home from a coffee event, and a rock kicks up from the road and nicks the windshield. For 2 years, we've been driving by a "free windshield repair" stand at the corner of Jackson and Maple/Stadium. For 2 years we haven't bothered to stop. In less than 10 minutes and with a quick call to our insurance, we got our windshield chips filled in and sealed to the point that you wouldn't notice them if you didn't know they were there. We paid zero dollars. It was kind of magical.
Chip repaired!
Chip repaired!
Half an hour was all it took to repair that chip in my windshield - and it was covered 100% by the automobile comprehensive insurance!

chip windshield repair
chip windshield repair
Quick 20 Windshield Repair Kit: Fix Rock Chip, Stone Crack, Star Damage, Bullseye Break & Stone Damage - Rv, Car, Automobile, Truck, Glass & More
Consumer Express Windshield and Rock Chip Repair Kits are the perfect, do-it-yourself solution to repair any type of rock chip, crack, star break, bullseye or stone damage in the windshield of your car, truck or RV. Consumer Express Windshield and Rock Chip Repair Kits, branded Quick 20 because of its 20 minute drying time, utilizes an advanced and proven repair compound that creates a quick drying process that is both non toxic and non-solvent. This fast drying, next-generation technology needs NO additional tools and when used properly can save you hundreds of dollars by not having to get your cracked windshield replaced. Quick 20 Windshield Repair Kit uses the same technology as our professional repair kits do, but has a more cost effective re-usable bridge assembly that makes up to 5 repairs. Also included in your complete Windshield Repair Kit are two suction cups, plunger & injector w/ special O rings, screws that hold the suction cup to the assembly, advanced repair compound and easy to use instructions. When the directions are followed closely, the injector is lined up with the point of impact, and you fill in the pit (indentation after your repair dries) of your perfect windshield will see firsthand how the Consumer Express Windshield Repair Kit can prevent that rock chip, star crack or stone damage from expanding and forcing you to replace that expensive windshield.