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Where To Buy Good Cheap Tires

where to buy good cheap tires
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Day 194 - NYC Day 24 - Words unspoken.
Day 194 - NYC Day 24 - Words unspoken.
Frozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity 3. Thanks for a memorable night, friends :) -------- So much on my mind right now, I don't even know where to start. I am so tired but I know I won't be able to fall asleep. My body and it's weaknesses are finally kicking in... I think it's about time I realize what's strength and what's pain. Don't you think? -------- Woke up at 7:30am. Dunkin' for breakfast, didn't finish the croissant. Been having a lack of appetite lately. Whatever. Walked into Best Buy since I was early, looked at lenses... wished I was a bajillionare, then left for class. Lecture by Elisabeth on Museum Controversies... quite interesting, had a short discussion on it afterward and headed to Kimmel around 10am. Kimmel didn't open until 11am for lunch so while the other girls took a nap on the couches, I walked over to what could be one of the most interesting store (to me at least) - Lomography. They sell all these "weird toy cameras" like the Fisheye2 or the Dianas. Once again, wished I was a bajillionaire... texted my brother to let him know in advance that I will be occupying his Fisheye2 for a while when I get home. Then my up with the girls for lunch at Kimmel at 11am. Wanted to go up to the 8th floor to visit Marc's ex-colleagues again but had too much stuff. Chicken strips, california rolls, chips, curly fries. Yum (I still have the sushi here! I'm not that big of a fatty!) Walked back to Lomography to meet up with Thieny... bought some photo holders (yay for scrapbooking!) and started walking back when it started raining. We got back and after a short while, we had to go to our field trip at the Time Warner / AOL Building close to Columbus Circle. Got there... went to the 5th floor for a perfect view, heard a guest speaker for a bit and then left to see the Lincoln Center. After the tour, a few of us just head home. Dani, Thieny, and I went to get our eyebrows threaded for the first time (not like I have an abundance of brows... in fact, my brows are running kind of low if I must say.) - thought it would be much more painful, but it turned out fine and I feel less self-conscious now :P $7 can make a big difference! Here is when my day started falling a bit downhill. Quickly heated dumplings in Alysha's room (thank you!) then headed to Times Square with Dani to enter the lottery for American Idiot at 5pm. We rush there only to find out the lottery didn't start until 6pm (show was at 8pm not 9pm) so we went to Sbarro... I watched him he pasta and he watched my head bob every time I almost fell asleep. Sorry for being grumpy. I really dislike wasting time... especially after confirming that I wouldn't be wasting time. Went to sign up for the lottery... 25 tickets available, over 100 names and max two tickets per "chosen one" so obviously with my luck, we didn't get tickets... and at that point we were both very bummed. Dani - hope your best friend is doing better! and that the baby's okay. <3 Headed back to the dorms and decided to join on the Serendipity run to kill the bad mood. Left around 7:45pm, got to the restaurant with reservations and was told we had to wait one more hour. Ridiculous, I know. That was good though because we all went to Dylan's Candy Shop a few stores down and hung out :) So something that happened that and still bugging my right now is that while we were taking a group picture... everyone put their cameras together on one table, and as I put my camera stuff down, someone else's camera fell only the floor (right on the lens, sound familiar?) and broke. It was a camera as a gift from her boyfriend... and I feel terrible now because it wasn't until we got home and the Best Buy guy told her it was cheaper to buy a new camera than to fix this one, that I realized that I was the most at fault for the camera dropping. I am upset at myself because I should have noticed that it was easily my fault because my bag was near. It just never clicked. I spoke to her but she won't let me chip in for her new camera... I don't know what to do. Serendipity means "fortunate accident" - that definitely was not tonight. I feel uneasy. ------- People have been asking each other "Are you ready to go home?" To be honest, I really don't know how to answer that on. There is so much going on at home. It's like the reality everyone has to face eventually. But I do miss what I have been used to for the past 19 years. Yesterday at Flushing, I was really thinking about how different I would be if I were born ing NYC instead of LA. Who would I be? What would I be doing? I love it here, but maybe not for the current situation(s) that I am in. I am not sure... here, I feel like my life is more exciting, but that could just be because I am living a limited-time life here, while at home, nothing seems special anymore. -------- How come my photos never get re-blogged? I continuously remind myself that I am doing this all for me, but it's kind of cree
The boss carving my name on the wooden carving that I've bought at one of the many tourist shops at Ainu Village
The boss carving my name on the wooden carving that I've bought at one of the many tourist shops at Ainu Village
Got the boss (a craftsman) to carve my name on the wooden carving that I've bought at one of the many tourist shops at Ainu Village opp. our hotel, New Akan Onsen Hotel along Lake Akan in Hokkaido, Japan. I was hesistant to step out of the hotel at first cos the ground was extremely slippery. An eldery lady in our tour mates barely stepped out one step onto the road just outside our hotel & immediately had a fall. It was the exact spot that I nearly fell too the following morning. I was also feeling a bit tired & thought the touristy shops probably sold typical stuffs one would find at touristy shopping belts, like those outside our hotel at Hailuogou in Sichuan, China. I was actually more keen in viewing Lake Akan but it was dark & the only thing to do after dinner was to visit the so-called Ainu Village (actually a tourist shopping belt). Clinging on to the body of parked vehicles, railings, walls, display tables & whatever I could find for support, we made our way across the road. I've to admit I appeared rather (or very) timid walking on slippery roads. I clung on to walls, railings, poles & the arms of my team mates & tour guides at extremely slippery places, like I was some 80+ old granny. Oh my! Hadn't got over the phobia of the 7-8 ball falls I sustained few weeks before the trip at the waterfall & white water rafting at Perak, M'sia. I still need to visit a good TCM doc again for my injuries. I was also disappointed with my Columbia mountain trekking shoes. It proved more hazardous than the cheapo rubber boots sold by the guides or the sandals that my frens wore. I guessed the thick soles prevented my feet from "detecting" the slippery spots on the rocks too. Or maybe I really have a problem in the way I guess. I always think that I'm not quite stable in the way I walk. Juz don't know how to correct myself. There seemed nothing much after this shop so we were about to head off in the opposite direction where there're many shops. Was attracted by a deer carving in the window display so I beckoned my tour mates to check out the store. Usually I'm not quite keen patronizing touristy shops unless the things were practical, cheap or really authentic. But the deer really got me. I ended up buying wooden carving of a deer for myself, a big froggie for my sis & a fox wooden carving magnet for Yvonne. Check out those pictures. My tour mates bought many other stuffs too. The sales guy who attended to us was originally from Hu Bei, China. I thought his ability to converse in eloquent Mandarin was definitely the deciding factor that made my tour mates spend quite a bit as well. Name carving was free so I ended up doing so for all three items that I bought. Walking on the slippery ground was really tiring & I dreaded the thought of painstakingly making my way back to the hotel again, as I expected to see pretty much the same thing everything. Returned to the hotel right after that while two others continued. They didn't take very long cos they appeared barely after 15 minutes while I was looking at some stuffs at the tourist shop at our hotel lobby. Didn't I say i don't usually bother to patronize such shops. Well, find out the reason in the other pics. :) *************DISCLAIMER************** Without my explicit written permission, all my flickr photos may NOT be reproduced, distributed, transmitted or otherwise used.

where to buy good cheap tires
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