Spam Filter For Exchange 2000

spam filter for exchange 2000
    spam filter
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Exchange Hotel
Exchange Hotel
The Exchange Hotel, located in Gordonsville, Virginia, was built in 1860 and served travelers on the Virginia Central Railroad and Alexandria Railroad. During the war, it served as a hospital for both Confederate and Union soldiers, also serving freed slaves in that capacity after the war ended. It operated as a hotel for many more years and was restored and reopened as a museum in the early 1970s. Now known as the Civil War Museum at the Exchange Hotel, exhibits include uniforms and weapons from the war, medical artifacts, and other period items. Information from a museum brochure and its website.
Exchange Hotel, Flinders Street, Townsville.
Exchange Hotel, Flinders Street, Townsville.
1869: Exchange Hotel built on present site by Korak Wills for Elizabeth Poole. 1881: Hotel destroyed by fire. Present hotel rebuilt by Irish businessman Andrew Ball, discoverer of the site on which Townsville was founded. This was the first hotel in Townsville built from brick, and its facade was greatly admired. June 2010: Refurbished with 5 separate themed areas.

spam filter for exchange 2000
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