Ir Filter Sheet

ir filter sheet
    ir filter
  • Infrared cut-off filters, sometimes called IR filters or heat-absorbing filters, are designed to reflect or block mid-infrared wavelengths while passing visible light.
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ir filter sheet - Rosco Roscolux
Rosco Roscolux Congo Blue, 20" x 24" Color Effects Lighting Filter
Rosco Roscolux Congo Blue, 20" x 24" Color Effects Lighting Filter
Deep blue more saturated than Roscolux 385. Good for dark night skies or for a backlight color. A great color for rock and roll concert lighting. (Trans.= 56%).Rosco's premier range of filters, Roscolux, is manufactured in a unique technology to insure the longest possible life under hot theatrical lights. Three discrete layers are combined in a tri-extrusion process. By sealing the colored layer between two microscopically thin layers of clear film, dye migration is minimized and effective life is extended. Roscolux (sold under the trade name "Supergel" overseas) is currently the most widely used filter range in the world.Roscolux is comprised of two types of plastic. More than 65% of the line is made from co-extruded polycarbonate plastic. The remainder of the line is deep dyed polyester.Ordinary color filter is manufactured by surface coating clear polyester plastic film. In essence, the color is painted onto the surface. This means that heat and physical abrasion can easily remove the dye, resulting in quick fading and scratching.Available in sheets of 20in. x 24in. (50cm x 61cm) or rolls of 24in. x 25ft. (61cm x 7.62m). If you require rolls of larger dimensions the Cinelux line of filters is available in rolls of 48in. x 25ft. (122cm x 7.62m).

82% (10)
salvaged IR
salvaged IR
first attempt at infrared portraits using efke IR 820. Mamiya C220 Mamiya-Sekor 80mm f/2.8TLR lens efke IR 820 120 film (modified) Vivitar 285HV flash Imacon multi-format film scanner This is the result of trying to salvage an extremely underexposed negative through scanning. the initial preview showed pure black. i brought out the image by pushing it as far as i could with levels and curves in the Imacon scanning software. The specs are minuet amounts of dust that wouldn't usually be scene in a normal scan. Blowing the image out brought the debris out as well. i don't have any IR filters, so i shot this in the dark using modified Vivitar 285HVs, one with a double layer of processed unexposed 35mm Ektachrome (making about a 1x2" flash area) and another with a red gel folded over 16 times (acting also as a diffuser). i metered at 100 iso based on the film's data sheet (25iso when using IR filters). The gelled flash produced more visible light metering f/3.5 at about a foot, while the chrome flash produced more pure IR light metering f/8 at about a foot, but at full-power. Though, i'm not entirely sure how well my Sekonic L-358 would meter pure IR light. i processed in D-76 at 20 degrees celsius for 8 minutes. i'm not sure exactly where i went wrong. but for my next roll i'll meter at 25 iso.
Infrared II
Infrared II
Bronica RF645 Zenzanon-RF 45mm f/4 Hoya R72 IR Filter Rollei 400 IR Film (Exposed at ISO 8-10) Benro C-069 Tripod & Benro B-00 Head Scanned from contact sheet. Coordinates: 40.414454,-3.684499

ir filter sheet
ir filter sheet
Neewer 58mm Infrared Filter Infra Red IR Lens 58 mm 850nm
Use for photography with infrared films. Infrared film is also sensitive to ultraviolet rays and the shorter wavelengths of the visible spectrum so it is necessary to filter out all but the infrared rays. IR850 passes only infrared rays above 850nm.

Infrared filter often used in crime detection, medical photography, detection of distribution of vegetation, etc. For photographer, this filter can be used with infrared film or digital photography to get interesting artistic and sometimes creative photos.

We recommend you to choose the suitable ones for your camera. Different IR filters have different effects. You can use the filter individually or in any combination to meet your demand.

--950nm is suitable for outdoor and strong light use.

--850nm is suitable for outdoor and strong light use.

--760nm is suitable for indoor and weak light use.

--720nm is suitable for indoor and weak light use.

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