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Anti Phishing Filter

anti phishing filter
    phishing filter
  • Anti-phishing software consists of computer programs that attempt to identify phishing content contained in websites and e-mail.
  • A program designed to detect and prevent phishing attacks. Vista's phishing filter monitors activity and Web sites and warns the user if a site is suspect. The filter can also block unsafe sites.
  • A feature in Internet Explorer 7 that warns users about potentially fraudulent Web sites and blocks such sites.
  • Opposed to; against
  • a person who is opposed (to an action or policy or practice etc.); "the antis smelled victory after a long battle"
  • not in favor of (an action or proposal etc.)
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STOP - USE CAUTION...or something
STOP - USE CAUTION...or something
So in light of MONs skins owner's hacking ( :( sorry), I wanted to bring up a few things. Account hacking isnt a new thing, but as far as I understand, in SL it's quite a bit harder to get your account back. The thing with hacking and what not, is more often than not (in this game and many others), keyloggers are installed into your pc via certain websites you go to, links clicked on social networks, e-mail etc. Alot are phishing attempts that will in turn do like today, log into your e-mail (or account), and send out more bogus links for others to click and the cycle continues. The keyloggers/phishers are NOT always obvious. IT isnt just malicious websites or porn that gives you all more often the enemy goes unnoticed. Anyway the point is, to you flickerites, becareful what you surf or click, and if it looks to good to be true (as sasy said), it probably is. Because you cant get something for nothing. Anyway just wanted to give alittle word of warning :/ while this might be a single isolated event, I see it a lot in other games and have to wonder how it hasnt hit so hard in sl, when SL money is actually worth, real dollar..on the spot. I should also add on, this goes for downloads: Illegal software, game add ons (world of warcraft), unchecked viewers(Sl), Music, photoshop filters, movies, the list can go on and on.
Dangerous websites by category pie chart
Dangerous websites by category pie chart
Websites offering adult content (28% of the analyzed dangerous sites), software (27%) and entertainment (16%) are the most dangerous ones for Internet users. This turns out from a study that is based on the analysis of 17 million websites rated by the WOT user community. (

anti phishing filter
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