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How To Make Silver Rings

how to make silver rings
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Champage Ring
Champage Ring
Hand formed silver ring which has been oxidized to give a great antiqued brushed finish. A beautiful champagne coloured freshwater tahitian pearl has been placed on the ring. A little explanation on how the pearl is secured onto the ring: the pearl itself is picked out individually for its beauty. It comes drilled through, but the hole is not quite big enough to fit onto the stem that is soldered onto the ring itself. So I have to make the hole in the pearl bigger by drilling and then jeweler's grad expoxy is placed on the stem of the ring. The pearl is then glued on and the jeweler's grade epoxy seals the top of the stem.
RAW 8/52 Fold Formed Copper and Fine Silver Hibiscus Ring
RAW 8/52 Fold Formed Copper and Fine Silver Hibiscus Ring
This ring started out as just the flower because I wanted to try a little bit of fold forming. I got the flower done and decided it would make a great RAW ring, but I couldn't figure out how to put it on a ring because it stuck up so high. I placed the flower on the back of my hand to see how it would look as a ring, and the only place I could get it to stand up was between my fingers. That was all I needed! The fine silver band is constructed to hold the flower between my fingers. I'm really happy with how it turned out!!

how to make silver rings