New Kitchen, New Patio, Two Bedrooms, One Bath, Hardwood Floors, Extra Space!

  • The rent and security deposit are both $2100.  
  • Available on or before May 1, 2015. (12 Month Lease)
  • Call Jen or Kris at (858) 581-6726.  Or email
  • Cats are welcome.   
  • House is rented unfurnished. 
  • Applications are processed in the order they are received. 
  • Rental Policies

This picture of the exterior shows the two doors.  Many people assume there are two units, but it's really all one extra large space.

New Private Patio


 The floor plan below shows the two bedrooms in the back, kitchen and bathroom in the middle and living space on either side. (Dimensions are estimated.)  Link to floor plan.


The east end of the house is a large open L shape. Makes a perfect living room / office space. 

The floor to ceiling linen closets and the laundry room. The east wall of the laundry room on the right has two closets for even more storage. The washer and dryer belong to the previous tenant, but are free to the next tenant. 

This is the street view.  When you walk through the gate you find a cool patio, room to grow things, room to store things, and a charming house with lots of neat details.  If you'd like a tour of the real thing please give us a call.  The number is 858-581-6726. Or email (On weekdays email is faster.)


This is from the west end of the house looking east. In the distance you can see part of the other half of the house. The picture below was taken before the appliances went back in. The middle space holds the gas stove, built in microwave and very clean fridge.

 The door on the left leads to the larger bedroom. I think it's 11x11.  In the middle is the built in drop leaf desk with shelves and drawers and next to that is the hallway to the bathroom, linen closets, and the second bedroom.  I think it's 9x10.  Notice the fabulous wood floors.

Updated Bathroom

The bathroom was completely redone in 2010 with a new tub, vanity, toilet and tile floor etc.  The cool thing you can't see in the picture is the great skylight.  Also great is the cabinet on the far wall that is the biggest medicine chest I've ever seen.

Master bedroom windows on the left. On the right is closet and door of the smaller bedroom.  Check out the cool mirror on the door.  When the door is closed that mirror is on the outside of the room right next to the bathroom.

The house can be hard to find. It is behind 2004 Felspar and the entrance is actually on Morrell Street. That very tall tree grows in the front yard of 2002.  On the right is the yard. Notice the large lockable 8x8 storage shed and the table for six.

Additional Information:

  • No Co-signers
  • We process complete applications in the order they are received, regardless of who saw the house first.
  • Please do not ask about dogs. (Service animals must have current documentation.)
  • Please be on time. We are busy too.
  • Our site rules for this house prohibit kegs and large parties. If that's a deal breaker for you we understand and wish you luck in your search.