Silver market history - Women's silver bracelet watch.

Silver Market History

silver market history
  • The past considered as a whole
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  • A regular gathering of people for the purchase and sale of provisions, livestock, and other commodities
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silver market history - In Secret
In Secret Service: A Novel
In Secret Service: A Novel
1964: James Bond's creator Ian Fleming, himself a World War II British Naval Intelligence officer, seals a manuscript intended for a future reader whom he must trust will serve the truth decades later....
2005: An American academic is summoned to Ireland to claim a strange inheritance -- a memoir, penned by the famous author, details information so confidential, so potentially explosive, that people on both sides of the Atlantic are willing to kill to maintain its secrecy.
In a gripping suspense debut, Mitch Silver brings to life Ian Fleming's world of spies, passion, and danger in this compelling historical mystery crafted inside a heart-pounding contemporary thriller. Featuring Winston Churchill, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Princess Diana, and others, the story culminates in an electrifying chase sparked by a long-hidden conspiracy....

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Market Street, Looking East, 1969
Market Street, Looking East, 1969
These buildings on the corner of Market and Church Streets in Gainsborough were pretty new when this picture was taken, in about 1969. They were built following the demolition of the old buildings to allow Church Street to be widened in 1962. Before that the current Church street at this point was less than half it's current width - if you look at the building on the corner of Church Street and Lord Street (not in this photo) you will see a projecting stone set into the ground at the corner - that was there to protect the building from damage by vehicles trying to negociate the turn from Lord Street into the narrow confines of Church Street. Prominent on the left is Landers the bakers (this was known in the Town as "Lander's Corner", and it is around this point that the tobbaconists shop stood in the 1860s where young William Rose worked - and it was in that building that Rose went on to produce the World's first automatic weighing and wrapping machine in 1888. That machine worked on principles still used today in every packaged product you buy. On the right you can see market stalls - this picture must have been taken on a Tuesday or Saturday). At that time - and, indeed right up to the early 1980s, the market was so popular that it extended out of the Market place into Market, Lord and Silver Streets. In addition, there was also the popular "Butter Market" (Indoor market), which was held on the ground floor of the Town Hall (what is now the Sands Venue). When the Town Hall was sold off (early - mid 1980s) a new, purpose built indoor market (since demolished) was built just off Silver Street, where the Argos Store now stands. The last hurrah for the old Butter Market was when it stood in as the Town's public library in about 1982 whilst the Cobden Street library was refurbished.
Market place from Silver Street, 1969
Market place from Silver Street, 1969
Here is a view of Market Day in Gainsborough, about 1969. Close to the camera on the left is Woolworth's (RIP) in it's original site. In the early 1970s the Woolworth chain was so prosperous that they bought the "other" Woolworth's shop in Market Place (the one that has just closed), and linked the two shops back-to-back. That "Super Woollies" lasted, I suppose, until about 1990, when they reverted to just one store, this time closing the original shop. Bradley's and Curtess shoes are long gone, and the Town Centre is a mass of charity shops - especially since the opening of Marshall's Yard. Buildings-wise, everything in the picture has survived, I am pleased to say.

silver market history
silver market history
Night of the Silver Stars: The Battle of Lang Vei
In Vietnam, 1968, the enemy was planning the kind of overwhelming attack that broke the French at Dien Bien Phu. But while U.S. Marines dug in at Khe Sanh, and recon missions probed the Laotian border, the enemy proved elusive-until it struck full force on an isolated Green Beret outpost. In the early darkness of February 7th, two dozen U.S. Special Forces soldiers and their indigenous fighters were overrun, attacked by waves of ground troops, mortars, flame-throwers, and a weapon they had not prepared for: North Vietnamese tanks. The battle of Lang Vei had begun.

In this gripping, keenly told account, author William R. Phillips chronicles a desperate struggle for survival as the Green Berets held out against unrelenting fire from point blank range. Then, as the badly wounded Americans fought their way out of one death trap, they found themselves in another, still besieged with little hope for rescue-until a super secret, quick-reaction strike force launched one of the most daring missions of the war...