Silver Converse Sneakers - Silver Braze

Silver Converse Sneakers

silver converse sneakers
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silver converse sneakers - Converse Shoes,
Converse Shoes, Wrapping Paper-Silver Sneakers white 1.5
Converse Shoes, Wrapping Paper-Silver Sneakers white 1.5
The original All-Stars are high-tops, but don't consider the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Stretch Lace Ox retro shoes blasphemous. Think of them instead like the convertible model of a classic car. We all love the Chucks' legendary original design, but sometimes it's nice to let the top down and catch some fresh air. Yes, your ankles appreciate the extra support of those timeless patched high-rise models, but did it ever occur to you that those pasty ankles might appreciate a little sunlight every once in a while? The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Stretch Lace Ox are about as open air as Chucks are probably going to get, unless, of course, you take a pair of scissors to your All-Stars to make some Chuck Taylor flip-flops, in which case may the shoe gods smite you with athlete's feet and ingrown toenails for such heresy.

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April 30th (2) - silver sneakers HDR 2
April 30th (2) - silver sneakers HDR 2
I bought these silver sneakers last saturday, inspired by my funky haircut (I think) and the fact they were only a very bargainous ?6 in Debenham's sale. I wore them into work today to celebrate the long weekend and was politely told that trainers aren't allowed. Norty girl! Still, I do like them very much and they make a change from my pink cons which I wear alot (outside of work, obviously!). HDR'd from three exposures using Photomatix.
We all wore nice shoes for Grant
We all wore nice shoes for Grant
Mine are the gold boots with the red jeans, clockwise from there we've got: Katie's silver pumps, Kelly's red and black pumps, Danger Bob's Converse All-Stars, Chunk's "Slick" Adidas, Ben's two-tone brogue wingtips and Rachel's chrome silver boots.

silver converse sneakers