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music equipment insurance
  • The necessary items for a particular purpose
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The Music Man: Autumn Festival Tomonoura Western Honshou Japan
The Music Man: Autumn Festival Tomonoura Western Honshou Japan
This is not a good picture but just after taking this picture I realised some important things about the 3 day Autunm Shinto Festival I was attending in the small fishing village of Tomonoura, Japan. The village holds this festival every year and has done for many many decades..maybe a century. This kimono dressed man with the stroller has a large boom box (stero set up)strapped heavily into the seat. He walked infront or behind of the local women of all ages, dressed in colourful kimonos with coloured scarves to wave as they performed their loosely rehearsed dance movements walking through the decorated cobbled stoned streets. When they reached a party of people celebrating in their gargage or outdoor area they would stop and everyone would have a drink (tea, alcohol or juice), some snacks and a chat, then they would continue on with their dancing. There was laughter, and happy faces everywhere over the duration of the 3 day festival. Children (dressed in kimonos) also participated, and were very much encouraged to be part of the events. Alcohol was part of the festival and enjoyed but it never got excessive and created any problems. Laughter and happiness based around friendship and family were omnipresent and omnipotent. This picture symbolises the simplicity and beauty of local village people coming together to celebrate the seasonal change and the harvest of summer months. The total festival was controlled by local people,not a policeman or government official was seen over the 3 days. The nature of this festival would not be posible to conduct in Europe, USA or other over controlled societies, it would be an "insurance nightmare", but Japan is a civilised Western country and the festival passed without any sign of problems, people were responsible for their actions and there was a very solid collective atmosphere throughtout the events of the 3 days. Money was not spent on unnecessary promotion or equipment to give the festival stardom. BUT the atmosphere of the festival was contagious... it was brimming to overfull of excitement, happiness and enjoyment of other people and being social together. The strapped in boom box did a great job...right tool in the right place
Soul do Beco
Soul do Beco
This was the last show taken with our beloved Sigma 30mm 1.4 before Ana was robbed at gunpoint on Tuesday. It's hard to look at this photo and see the great moments that we were able to register with this lens (and our others)... it seems so ironic to look at the happiness and spontanaeity on the faces of these guys and knowing that this lens will end up sold for dirt in some seedy black market. If you love your equipment, go buy insurance. Now.

music equipment insurance
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