Repair Broken Toilet Flange. How To Repair Cracked Leather Seats

Repair Broken Toilet Flange

repair broken toilet flange
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repair broken toilet flange - SF-100 Toilet
SF-100 Toilet Spanner Flange
SF-100 Toilet Spanner Flange
Fernco Spanner Toilet Flange Part No. SF-100 For the repair of broken toilet flanges. FIX-A-FLANGE eliminates the need to replace broken closet flanges, saving time and money. Simply place the flange under the broken area of the ring and tighten the nut. * Repairs broken toilet flanges without costly replacement * Suitable for all cast iron, plastic, copper & brass toilet flanges * Stops wobbly, leaking toilets * Installs fast & easy Suitable for all cast iron, plastic, copper & brass toilet flanges

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Broken hand x-ray
Broken hand x-ray
Today I had to get a removable splint on my hand and arm. The bone is a little slow to heal. It's only been 4 weeks though, so I'm not overly worried about it right now. I can take this splint off to shower, but it has to go back on. I'll get a picture later... The original break (July 17th) showed the bone separated, so to me this xray is looking better than the first one. In all honesty, for as much as I wanted the cast off, it feels good to have it back on. I wear it for the next four weeks. Then I get it x-rayed. If it's healing, perfect! If not, I may need a pin in the bone. But I'm sure it'll heal just fine. I hope.............. eta: Over 1200 views! Funny......... I've made 3 MOO cards of this xray, and they're all gone. I didn't think anyone would want one. :o) I can't get over the fact over 3000 people have seen this xray as of Dec 15/10.
Second Floor Bathroom, Again
Second Floor Bathroom, Again
It's hard to photograph the small bathroom on the second floor. Work on this room was complete in December, or so I thought. When I went to reconnect the toilet I had some big problems -- could not get the toilet to stop running and had water pouring out of the drain line with each flush. A plumber tried to fix the toilet and found a hairline crack in the tank. And a broken flange. And a cracked elbow in the drain line. Apparently, the PVC drain line melted a bit when the house had a fire in 2003. (The bathroom is right above the area damaged the most in the fire.) After another $750 in plumbing repairs, the bathroom was finally completed in January. For the baseboards, I used old floor boards from a neighbor's house.

repair broken toilet flange
repair broken toilet flange
Dorman 902-707 Coolant Flange for Volkswagen Golf/Jetta
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