Rosicrucian Manual: Final Edition by Dr. H. Spencer Lewis 1938

        2000 C.E.
        at The Four+Corners

Text and Image Excerpts from 1938 - 7th Edition
The Rosicrucian Manual
by Dr. H. Spencer Lewis, Imperator
1938 Seventh Edition
The Final Issue Prior to His Death 
Photo 1934
 This edition information is offered, because AMORC since 1989 has altered the nature of
the teachings provided to new members.  Official traditional doctrines and ontology of the
centuries old Rosicrucians is offered now, only by the initiatic leader
Gary L. Stewart, named traditionally by Imperator Ralph M. Lewis before his death.
The traditional Rosicrucian authority follows successor Gary L. Stewart ad vitam (for life)
accordingly with his Order, the OMCE.  I was advised in 2009 that the
traditional activity of Rosicrucians is officially in the 108-year
cycle sub rosa at this time.  To learn otherwise,
one would need to contact Imperator Stewart directly via OMCE online.  
Excerpts From the 1938 R+C Manual
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1938 Rosicrucian Manual Cover

Title Page of the 1938 Edition


Copyright and Dedication, 1938


Temple Monographs

p. 69, 70, 71, 72, 73 



1st and 2nd Degree




5th, 6th, 7th and
9th  Degree


9th Degree


p.138-139, "When the Student
is Ready", How to Prepare,
The Great Masters,
The Great White Lodge

[Image Not  Available]

p.140-141, Cosmic Initiation, Cosmic Consciousness, Benefits of Lewis Lessons

p.142-143, Psychic Development, Progress and Delays

p.144-145, Controlling Psychic Manifestations, Special Help in Development, Losing Psychic Contact


Absent from R+C Manual



Images Absent from Subsequent Issues of the
R+C Manual

  • Great Seal of Solomon
  • Pentagram of Faust
  • Four Great Kabalistic Names
  • The Chariot of Hermes
  • Ancient Sign 

    Ancient Sign of
    Absent from R+C Manual

    p.146-147, Divine Illumination, The Work of the Great Masters, Indications of Progress



    p.148-149, The Inner Urge, Special Opportunities to Progress, The Length of Time for Mastership


    p.150-151, The Attainment
    of Desires, Evolving Instruction 




    1In Appreciation
    I wish to thank Liora Berstein, a beloved Rosicrucian in Israel, for providing me with the access to the necessary excerpts from the 1938 Edition of the Rosicrucian Manual, in order for me to present them here in image form.  She offered them without being requested, as it is her desire to make these pages available to Rosicrucians everywhere, and to others seeking resource information on the internet.  Here below are some of Sister Liora's words, that I would like to share in this regard.
    Linda S. Santucci 
    + + +
    Linda, let me tell you the story of the 1938 Rosicrucian Manual.

    More than 15 years ago when I joined AMORC there still was in Israel a Pronaos, with about 12 members. This pronaos sort of gradually petered out.

    One day, one of the members, Mr. Shalom Goren, gave me a present of his Manual.

    I did not understand then how to appreciate this gift. 

    Shalom Goren had been master of that Pronaos many a time. He had also been a master when there had been an AMORC Lodge in Israel, in around the 1940`s. He told us of the glorious days when Ambassadors and Consuls and Ministers were members of the Lodge.

    It is interesting that he gave me the manual, I don't consider it my own. I guess, when my time comes, I hope I will be guided who to give it to. It is the year 2000. It is an example perhaps of how manuscripts or information had been passed on in olden times.

    At any rate, Linda, I would be happy if you refer to the name of the original owner, whose name was 1Shalom Goren. He passed away about 10 years ago at the age of 85 or thereabout.
              + + +
                                                                                                        1Liora Bernstein, 1999
                                                                                     Televiev, Israel


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