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I. Classic Texts: Arcane Spiritual Traditions

2000 C.E. 
at The Four+Corners

Arcane Spiritual

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  1.  *The Divine Pymander, by Hermes Trismegistus
Translation by Dr. Everard, 1650 A.D.
                   Note: Link Goes to Linked List of the Pymander Books at 2000 C.E.
   2.   The Virgin of the World, by Hermes Trismegistus
                   Translation by Dr. Anna Kingsford and Edward Maitland, 1880's A.D.
  3.  "Illumination", by Hatchuep (An Ancient in Arcane Traditions)
  4.  Entry from Journal of Angel Experiments, by Dr. John Dee
  5.  "Discourse on Method", by René Des Cartes, aka Descartes
    On Understanding Truth by Reason and Intuition, via
      discussion of his scientific publications: 
          Section 1:  Parts 1-4 
          Section 2:  Parts 5-6
  6.  "The Foundations of The Moral Life", 
               by Benedict Spinoza
      On "Reason and Emotion", The Life of Virtue
      The Essence of Virtue, Highest Virtue of Reason, 
      Moral Value of the Emotions
  7.  Quick Quotes: "On Reason and Emotion",
                    From The Life of Virtue, by Benedict Spinoza
                by Sir Francis Bacon
  9.  Rosicrucian and Masonic Origins, by Manly P. Hall
10.  1919 European Rosicrucian Communication,
TO Dr. H. Spencer Lewis, Imperator for America

11.  "Respectability", by Elbert Hubbard, 1905   
   Part 1:  History of "Conspicuous Waste" (satirical) 
Part 2Hubbard's concept of "Voluntary Community" 
Part 3:  Athens' Economic Community:  The Roycrofters
12.  "Last Words:  Elbert Hubbard on The Lusitania"
by Elbert Hubbard II (Son of Elbert Hubbard)
13.  "Bacon's Rosicrucianism", by H. Spencer Lewis, 1916
14.  "The Divinity of Man", by H. Spencer Lewis
                Written sometime between 1915 and 1930
15.    "The Master Within", by H. Spencer Lewis 
                     Written sometime between 1915-1920s
16.  "Mastership", by Ralph M. Lewis, 1927
17.   Excerpts of the Rosicrucian Manual 1938
               The final Edition Prior to the Death of 
                    Dr. H. Spencer Lewis, Imperator
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