Filet Of Fish Calories

filet of fish calories
  • The energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of water through 1 °C, equal to one thousand small calories and often used to measure the energy value of foods
  • (calorie) a unit of heat equal to the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water by one degree at one atmosphere pressure; used by nutritionists to characterize the energy-producing potential in food
  • (caloric) thermal: relating to or associated with heat; "thermal movements of molecules"; "thermal capacity"; "thermic energy"; "the caloric effect of sunlight"
  • (caloric) of or relating to calories in food; "comparison of foods on a caloric basis"; "the caloric content of foods"
  • Either of two units of heat energy
  • The energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water through 1 °C (now usually defined as 4.1868 joules)
  • fillet: decorate with a lace of geometric designs
  • fillet: a longitudinal slice or boned side of a fish
  • A kind of net or lace with a square mesh
  • fillet: a boneless steak cut from the tenderloin of beef
  • A flat plate of metal, wood, or another material that is fixed on a beam or across a joint in order to give additional strength, esp. on a ship's damaged mast or spar as a temporary repair
  • catch or try to catch fish or shellfish; "I like to go fishing on weekends"
  • any of various mostly cold-blooded aquatic vertebrates usually having scales and breathing through gills; "the shark is a large fish"; "in the living room there was a tank of colorful fish"
  • seek indirectly; "fish for compliments"
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Main Course Beef filet & beef shortribs
Main Course Beef filet & beef shortribs
(Rollover) Pan-roasted filet of beef and a timbale pulled beef short rib, leeks and foie gras. The meat is accompanied with a celery root-potato puree and a melange of Brussels sprout leaves, haricots vert, carrots, and sauced with a red wine beef reduction. Notes: I had ordered the filet medium-rare with an added note to err on the rare side. Err they did - on the well-done side. Although the middle was pink, it was far from rare. The most awful part of this filet was the top 1/6 inch which had gone completely chewy-well-done after being charred to a crisp - just short of burning. (You can see the crisp crust in the picture). The shortribs looked and sounded very promising... but sadly had problems. First, the shortrib meat was terribly dry and therefore stringy, not a succulent as they should be. The bits of leek ended up tasting like bits of fat - I think they would have complimented the meat had the meat been more moist. The foie gras materialized in the form of little dices - which somehow dried out and ended up taking on an almost-rubbery state - kind of like boiled egg whites. I was especially sad because the flavor was there - but the preparation, consistency and textural combinations were off. The "incidentals" ended up being the stars on this plate. A bright and lovely mix of haricots vert and baby carrots on a bed of very-celery-rooty puree (that had a tinge of potato, cream and butter added). The red wine reduction was also very nice... it helped moisten the dry meat. The $46 dollar plate I would easily have traded for a very good meal elsewhere...
Tilapia for Lunch
Tilapia for Lunch
I'll post the recipe later. It was very yummy. Ingredients Two, 4 oz. Tilapia filets 1 Tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil 1/2 tsp. balsamic vinegar Juice from 1/2 lemon 12-14 asparagus stalks, cut into 2" pieces 12-14 grape tomatoes, sliced in half 3-4 fresh basil leaves, finely chopped or chiffonade 1/4 tsp. red pepper powder (or cayenne, your preference) Salt and pepper to taste Directions Combine the asparagus and tomatoes in an aluminum foil pouch. Drizzle with half the olive oil. Roast in a 400 degree oven (or over medium heat on your grill) for 10 minutes. Season the tilapia filets with the red pepper powder on both sides. Dash of salt to each side. Remove the vegetables from the heat and place the fish in the pouch, on top of the vegetables. Re-close the foil pouce and place in the oven for another 12-15 minutes, depending on the thickness of your filets. When the fish is finished cooking, plate the vegetables first, then the filets on top. Pour the vegetable juices, squeeze the lemon, drizzle with remaining olive oil, balsamic vinegar and top with basil chiffonade. Voila! I didn't calculate the nutritional values for this, but it's definitely less than 300 calories per serving (makes 2 servings), almost no fat (except the oil and a small amount in the fish), and is rather high in protien.

filet of fish calories
filet of fish calories
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