This is the web site for 20,000 Teachers.  If you write blog posts or create YouTube videos related to 20,000 Teachers, kindly tweet with the hashtag #20000teachers

I'll link to the blog posts from the Blog Posts and YouTube Videos section of this web site.

I'll also use the Updates section of this Google Site to post updates on the campaign. 

You might want to subscribe to the Updates section of the web site using your favorite RSS reader or have the updates emailed to you by copy and pasting the RSS feed into the free RSS-to-email serviced Blogtrottr.com

Kindly help to spread the word about this campaign to teachers, parents, and community organizers you know. We have strength in numbers. Divided, we are conquerable.  Yes, you need to sign up for the 20,000 Teachers Yahoogroups to be counted. I'll be updating the count from time to time right here. ____

Phil Shapiro

Here is one more reason we need to be organized.  "Does free software restore dignity" (PCWorld)