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1 Year Old Toys For Boys

1 year old toys for boys
    year old
  • a rare aged variation of Gold Label. ($1200)
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This is the first week of Colby's 52 week journey in 2010! I will miss my Zooie in the group but with four dogs, it's only fair to give everyone a chance. In this photo, Colby is snuggled in my arm while we sit on the sofa together. He's a great snuggler. Colby is a one year old Pomeranian. He is the first small dog I've ever had and the first dog in our family that is not a rescue. What a little ball of sunshine! He is a happy boy and full of personality. He adds so much joy to our home. He plays with my big boys (he's 6 pounds and they are 32, 65 and 70 pounds) like he's their size. He loves toys and Nylabones! No need to buy little bones for Colby. He loves the BIG boy bones! I hate to admit that he does have a couple issues. He barks at people and dogs when we are near our house. He's protective and insecure. When he actually meets them, he just wants to play with the dog. He is a little timid around new people when we are outside and will back away from hands that reach to pet him on the head. He prefers pets and scratches under the neck and on his sides and belly. When inside, he is friendly and out going with everyone. I just love this little guy..........love, love, love........
a friend for wataru
a friend for wataru
this creepy little guy came with leslie's kenner and she generously donated him to my dolly family so that blaine (my wataru) would have a boyfriend. must come up with a fun name for this little guy (and dress him) tomorrow. priority #1 was delousing him. he was covered in something which i originally thought was mold but turned out to be good old fashioned filth the dirt was rather easy to get off. we thought he might be something kind of cool and valuable... we know nothing about 70s toys (other than kenner blythes!) but, a quick search of ebay informed us that he is a sunshine family doll that is worth all of about 99 cents. oh well, he's still kinda kooky looking and he'll still make a good boyfriend for blaine. and, his legs are pretty cool. they seem very ahead of their time and hold a pose like the current pullip legs. he can even stand on his own.

1 year old toys for boys
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